Friday, August 29, 2014

Disney Reviews: Ride Edition #6 - Soarin'

This one will be pretty are not allowed on the ride, so I only have pics of the entrance queue. Located in the Land Pavilion in Epcot's Future World section:
2013 (12)a-0027
2013 (10)-0585

And as close as I can get you:
2013 (10)-05292009-2406

Just to give you a bit of an overview, Soarin' is basically a "hang glider" experience where you fly over various cities throughout California. When you fly over the ocean, you smell sea, oranges over orange groves, pine over woods, etc. It's a very short ride, but it's one of those that you'd better head directly there the second the park opens or you're gonna have a very long wait!

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Sounds like fun.