Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Disney Reviews: Ride Edition #5 - Splash Mountain

Yes, I'm back in the Magic Kingdom again (can you tell which is my favorite park?). Now we're going to head over to Frontierland and Splash Mountain!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every amusement park has a log flume ride. But the Disney truth is that it's not an amusement park, it's a THEME park and therefore, it's log flume is so much more than just a ride.

Located inside of Chickapin Hill:
2013 (12)-0473

2013 (10)-0863

Splash Mountain takes you to and through the lands of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear:
2013 (10)-0864

as well as numerous other Brer Kin, including your MC, Brer Frog:
2013 (10)-0866

This is some of my favorite theming in a ride, simply because of the level of detail throughout the queue line, but it is dark and can be confining to those that are claustrophobic. There are stairs as well, so those with bad knees might want to beware:
2013 (12)-0479
2013 (12)-0482
2013 (12)-0484

But they still warn you with this very appropo sign:
2013 (12)-0480

As well as this one:
that you MAY get wet (I guarantee you will at some point, even if not in the big drop)!

The ride loading queue is also another one of my favorites and you definitely get on in a hurry once you make it to this point:
2013 (10)-0869

I find it neat that you've just wound your way in and out of buildings and a mountain, and yet the queue loading area is open to the outdoors:
2013 (12)-0483

Good 'ole Brer Frog is there to see you off on your adventure to find Brer Rabbit's Laughing Place:
2013 (12)-0487

Which, ironically, is a bit of a ways off yet:
2013 (12)-0488
There is a water spout feature that comes over the entrance back into the mountain and I tend to get more wet here than on the big drop. Don't know why that is. It is an intermittent spurt, but it always seems to go off at the exact moment I get even with it!

There are several little drops before you get to the big's one of them:
2013 (12)-0489

And more scenery along the way:
2013 (12)-0490
This is another place I get wet a lot...there is tremendous backsplash from the sides and you can see it building before we got there.

2013 (12)-0491
2013 (12)-0492
2013 (12)-0493
2013 (12)-0494
2013 (12)-0495
2013 (12)-0496
2013 (10)-0875

There is a whole "leap frog" water feature in here somewhere, but it is really hard to get pictures in for some reason.

Brer Fox and Brer Bear up to no good:
2013 (10)-0876
and Brer Rabbit has had enough, so he's headin' off to his laughin' place:
2013 (10)-0877
2013 (12)-0500
2013 (12)-0501
Brer Bear's butt always seems to be in your face:
2013 (10)-0878
2013 (12)-0503
I absolutely LOVE the little possums in the tree up ahead, but I've never been able to get a decent shot of them:
2013 (10)-0880
Bear butt alert!
2013 (10)-0882
And again:
2013 (10)-0883
Poor little Brer Rabbit can't get away though...Brer Fox catches up to him:
2013 (10)-0887
Scary times must be ahead because the crows want to show you "their" laughin place:
2013 (10)-0889
Which happens to be at the bottom of Chickapin Hill via the flying exit:
2013 (12)-0511

But you ain't done yet...there's still more to see and the remainder of the ride does dry you off a bit:
2013 (12)-0512
2013 (12)-0514
'cause, hi ho, hi ho, it's back into the mountain you go!
2013 (12)-0515
To a hero's welcome home:
2013 (10)-0893
2013 (10)-0894
2013 (10)-0898
and more Brer butt!
2013 (10)-0901
Welcome to the Briar Patch!
2013 (10)-0903
2013 (10)-0905
everythang is sat-is-factual!

And, then, after a 10 minute ride (how many log flumes do you know that is 10 minutes long?), it's time to disembark:
2013 (10)-0906
so how about a bit o' rabbit butt versus bear butt?
2013 (12)-0519
2013 (12)-0520
2013 (12)-0521

Of course you exit through a store:
2013 (10)-0907
Where you get your on-ride photos. Every blue moon, they have really cool Brer merchandise, but it's not often. I have managed to get a plush Brer Rabbit, but never Bear or Fox (and I have a thing for Brer Bear).

But even when you're outside, that sly Brer Fox and Brer Bear are STILL looking for that wascally wabbit!
2013 (12)-0522

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Linda said...

Wow!!! My favorite ride ever. But, that looks so much different than the one at Disneyland. So sad, I can't ride it anymore or the bobsleds. The knees don't work to good anymore.