Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Disney Reviews: Restaurant Edition #10 - Flame Tree Barbeque

Let me start this one off by saying this: I'm from the South, I live about an hour away from Memphis, TN...I KNOW barbeque. It don't get no better than Memphis (in my opinion). So any BBQ you get in Florida will be subpar at best. Having said that, I still like one BBQ place in Disney World and that's Flame Tree Barbeque in Disney's Animal Kingdom:
It is another counter service:
so standard counter service ordering applies. What makes it cool is the seating. Although not readily seen, it winds down behind the order station, made up of various outdoor, but covered, pavilions, each one with a different theme:
2013 (12)-1831
2013 (12)-1832

Some of the views are truly amazing. Just a tip, the further down you go, the less people there are. Each pavilion has a mini fixin's bar with sauces and napkins and such, so you don't have to retrace your steps all the way back to the top. We prefer to sit at the bottom, with Expedition Everest across the lake:
and never forget to look down:
2013 (12)-1834

We also tend to REALLY overeat here. It's not an expensive place at all and it's worth the extra money for the onion ring side (because they are fabulous). Once the dining plan came along, that meant dessert as well. We usually don't eat it, but it's there none the less. This is another one of those places that I wish you could choose an appetizer versus dessert and that way we wouldn't have to spring for the rings. But here is the food from the various years:
2013 (12)-1826

I've done the ribs and the sandwich and, again it ain't great BBQ, but it's good. I do prefer the sandwich because there isn't much meat on the rib bones (and that ain't how we do it in the South...our ribs are thick and covered in meat). Once you've added slaw and BBQ sauce though, it really is good!


Linda said...

More yum. Again before I ate dinner.


Anonymous said...

Try a Chief's game tailgate bbq sometime. Not so far away from Memphis:)