Friday, August 8, 2014

Disney Reviews: Restaurant Edition #8 - Casey's Corner

Let's jump back into food again (like I'd prefer to be anywhere else). How about we stop at another counter service restaurant, Casey's Corner.

Located at the end of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom:
Let me backtrack a bit much as I preach to 'look up and down, not just ahead', I'm the world's worst about looking behind me! I had to dig all the way to 2007, in my Sister's pics to even find a front picture of Casey's. But what makes that really funny is the fact that I have taken NUMEROUS pictures from outside of Casey's (typically while eating a hot dog) of the castle fireworks:
(although not the best view due to trees and the fact that people soon catch on and not only crowd you, but stand on the walkway in front)

I've been across the street during a parade:
2013 (10)-1061

and I always take numerous pictures of Main Street leading up to the castle and have sort of captured it from afar:
2013 (10)-1307
but I just never turn around to capture Casey's itself. Guess I have yet another photography goal for this trip.

But anyway, Casey's (and I had to get yet another one of my Sister's pics, this time from 2009):

may seem like your average, run of the mill, Disney counter service place:

with their speciality being hot dogs, but there are a couple of other offerings as well as spruced up hot dogs like chili cheese or BBQ. I typically go with the Polish Sausage. It comes with caramelized onions (which I leave off) and stone ground mustard. There is a little fixins bar, so I do manage to bury it in sauerkraut:
2013 (10)-1524

You can see the stone-ground mustard a bit better on this one (the one on the left):
2013 (12)-0753

There are also Nachos on the menu, but only Amber has attempted it, I'm a creature of habit and tend to get what I like every single time:
2013 (12)-0754

We didn't start eating at Casey's until a few years ago. Back in 2004 (the infamous "family" trip), my step-dad got sick eating there (although I do believe it was because he was being a major ass and the Disney food couldn't settle right in his stomach). Plus, the Magic Kingdom is also home to my beloved Taco Salad from Pecos Bill's, and I eat enough of it to cover three meals a day, so there is no room for Casey's usually!

I'm also NOT a fan of it's ordering system. It gets extremely crowded, and there is no clear division of lines. You stand aside while you food is prepared (which takes WAY longer than it should) and the line starts to pile up so much that when you finally do get your food, you can't get out! You're lucky if you manage to make it to the little fixin's bar (although I will not eat a hot dog without kraut, so I always find a way), only to discover there is very little to no seating (although they did expand it a couple of years ago and there is more now). It's loud and there are a LOT of kids around running every which way, so definitely be careful with your tray! But other than that, the dogs are good enough that I can forgive all the rest!

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Linda said...

Oh I love hot dogs, just not the kraut.