Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Disney Reviews: Restaurant Edition #13 - Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano

This is the first review for a restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I chose Mama Melrose's first of all the DHS restaurants because, as far as sit-downs in DHS go, it's my favorite (although not the one we eat at most...that's another review for another day). Let's get started!

Mama Melrose is tucked away in a quiet corner between the Christmas store (not to be confused with the one Downtown) and the exit to Muppet Vision 3D.

Although the seating area is quite small, there are so many things to see that you won't want to sit for long:
2013 (12)-5256
2013 (12)-5258
2013 (12)-5259

including Hidden Mickeys (of course!):
2013 (12)-5255
2013 (12)-5261

And there is an open kitchen:
2013 (12)-5260
2013 (12)-5257

The seating area is a bit dark, but it fits well with the ambience:
2013 (12)-5262
2013 (12)-5263
2013 (12)-5264

The first time I ate here, I was sick, but I was that way when I walked in the door. Surprisingly enough, the food actually did make me feel better. So let's see the food!


There were four of us for December 2013, so there's even more food to look at. It was a late choice addition, but I'm glad we did because I had forgotten how good it was! I also almost forgot to take pictures until the middle of the meal, so they are half gone...sorry!
2013 (12)-5265
2013 (12)-5266
2013 (12)-5267
2013 (12)-5268
2013 (12)-5269
2013 (12)-5270

I could have sworn we ate there three times, but I can't find which other year we went. Oh well.

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It all looks yummy.