Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Disney Reviews: Restaurant Edition #11 - Be Our Guest

This one is for my friend Kate over at The Suddenly Kate Show. I've been trying like mad to get us in for our trip this year, to no avail. But I haven't given up yet! Worse comes to worst, we'll wait it out for a lunch spot.

Located in the New Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest is a new sort of breed of Disney restaurant. It is the first (and only) restaurant to serve alcohol in the Magic Kingdom (and I kind of wish they didn't do this although I can't honestly say why it bothers me since I do like alcohol...just seems a bit like drinking in church or something!). It isn't open for breakfast, lunch is a counter service meal, and dinner is a table service. Dinner reservations are probably now the absolute hardest to get anywhere on Disney property (trust me, I know!). People wait in line for up to 3 hours even for lunch! The hype around this place is crazy considering the food is just OK. But, like I've said many a'time...sometimes it's more about the theming than the food and this place is definitely themed!

We were lucky enough to tour the restaurant before it opened on a passholder preview night back in 2012 and, at least as far as we could go into it, it was literally breathtaking! So I knew that I would definitely need to get us in there last year and was able to secure a ressie (although I don't know how I did it). Located in the Beast's Castle:
The approach is almost as gorgeous as the inside:
With gargoyles holding up the lights to the entrance:
2013 (12)-3831
And massive lions protecting the front door:
2013 (12)-3839
With a little help from griffins:
2013 (12)-3841

Details are everywhere, but on the way in, it's hard to get too many pictures of them...here is one though:
2013 (12)-3842

There are technically four dining rooms, the Ballroom:
2013 (12)-3843
2013 (12)-3874
which might look familiar to those who have seen the movie

The Rose Room which has a life-sized music box of Belle and the Beast dancing:
2013 (12)-3876
as well as "family" portraits, here are a few:
2013 (12)-3877
2013 (12)-3878
2013 (12)-3879
2013 (12)-3880
2013 (12)-3884

The Library (which serves as a Beast meet and greet at night and is really only open to catch lunch-time overflow):
2013 (12)-3886

And the West Wing, which is I requested a table at:
2013 (12)-3847
2013 (12)-3846
every few minutes the petals "fall" off the rose:
2013 (12)-3850
2013 (12)-3845
And the portrait of the Prince:
2013 (12)-3844
turns into the Beast:
2013 (12)-3851
This room is dark and gloomy, but secluded and a lot more quiet than the noisy Ballroom, right up my alley!

Even the napkins on your plate are B&B themed:
2013 (12)-3852

Let's move on to the food:

Mother, my Sister and I had the french onion soup. Not even my love for cheese could save this one. I knew the broth was vegetable and not beef, but everyone always comments on how "beefy" it tastes. Nope, nada, uh-huh. It tasted like vegetable (and really no need to see it three different times, so here is mine).
2013 (12)-3853

My Sister's god-mother had the potato leek...since we weren't talking to her by that point (you never really know someone until you travel with them), I don't know how hers tasted:
2013 (12)-3854

Two of us (including myself) had the Thyme-scented Pork Rack Chop which comes with au gratin mac-n-cheese and green beans:
2013 (12)-3856
2013 (12)-3859

Mother had the Chicken Breast Provencal:
2013 (12)-3858

And I think it was Am who had the Sauteed Shrimp & Scallops (but I'm not sure):
2013 (12)-3857

They wheel over a huge dessert tray for you to choose from:
2013 (12)-3865

Of course I went with the Grey Stuff, and it was delicious!
2013 (12)-3868

I don't know what it was everyone else got, but I'll show you the pictures:
2013 (12)-3866
2013 (12)-3867
2013 (12)-3869

Like I said, the food was just OK...I mentioned the issue with my soup, the pork was a bit tough, the mac-n-cheese flavorless, but the Grey Stuff really was delicious (I wasn't just Disney quoting there). I also think everyone else would agree the dessert was the best part.

On the way out, I had a bit more time for pictures of the entrance area:
2013 (12)-3887
2013 (12)-3889
2013 (12)-3890
2013 (12)-3888
2013 (12)-3891
2013 (12)-3892
2013 (12)-3893

I would still quite happily eat here again, but I would definitely try something different (although I would get the same dessert). None of us drank alcohol...it just didn't feel right. Am had a fruit beverage, but the rest of us just had tea. I would probably do the same next time (if there is a next time, I'm trying really hard Kate, promise!).


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