Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disney Reviews: Snack Edition #2 - Minnie's Bake Shop Cookies

We have done the dining plan pretty much since its inception, so snack credits are part of the deal. Problem is, we don't typically snack much during the day (OK, so that's a bold-faced lie...but it's more of real food snacking than snack-snacking). By the end of the trip, we usually have all our snack credits still available and have to go grab a handful of snacks. There are plenty of things that count as snack credits, even sodas, but there is one treat that I get asked time and time again to bring home as gifts and that's Minnie's Bake Shop Cookies!

There are several different lines of Disney character snacks, including an entire store for Goofy's Candy Company (and, oh boy can I spend money in there!). Minnie's Bake Shop items include cookies of all shapes and sizes (and flavors) as well as several varieties cookie mix. My absolute favorite are the White Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are EXTREMELY thick, at least two inches (yes, you read that right...two inches!) and are probably close to 5 inches wide (so definitely NOT for the nibbler). The middle section is almost doughy, but not quite, and it is chocked full of white chocolate chunks, dark chocolate chunks, and milk chocolate chips! They are so good, they actually taste the same (if not better) than the cookies from the bakeries around Disney World (even the one in Goofy's, but there you can add any topping or additive you it their dessert fixin's bar). I can literally eat these things in bulk (and have many times) and I still have yet to get bored or sick from them.

Surprisingly enough, I don't actually have a picture of them, so I have to revert to a web photo from the Disney Food Blog (another one of my favorite Disney websites):

Don't pass these up simply because they are pre-packaged cookies, they are definitely far more than that!

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Linda said...

Yum Chocolate Chip cookies are my favorite.