Friday, May 16, 2014

Needle Club - Week 11

We moved Needle Club to Thursdays this week, which is why I have a late post. One of our tiny group of stitchers has moved on to bigger and better things (yes, my jealous little lip sneer is showing as I type this). We had Needle Club on Wednesday's because she had Belly Dancing in Memphis on Thursdays. But I really hope she has a wonderful life in her new city and state! Miss you already Kat!

I debated on not posting my Needle Club progress at all since this weekend is also the Hermit And Stitch Weekend and Lilac's going home with me for that. I really need to get her finished sooner than expected because we have a colleague that just got married and we have decided to do her a project during Needle Club instead of our own projects. We've decided on a stitch (or I did) and the lettering is in the process of being designed (by me). We just need to find a way for the crochet/knitting person to contribute (and, of course, I get final approval). We can't do a pillow since the recipient has big dogs, so coming up with a wall-mounted project with knitting/crocheting or even general sewing involved is proving difficult. If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to hear them!!

I do have issues with "sharing" the cross stitch part (since there is another stitcher), but I've circumvented that a little by having her do the lettering and I've already warned her that I will take it away from her and do it myself if I don't like her work. Rude, yes, but honest. She knows she's not a "great" stitcher and we all want this project to turn out good for little Jess. And they all know what a control freak/monster I can be, so it's usually better to just placate me than to fight back. I can be quite scary sometimes. No one likes to argue with someone with mental issues!

Here is my part of the wedding project (which really worked out well since, although it didn't rain during her wedding, it did rain most of the day and they really do look a lot like the figures):
It's called Rainy Wedding (shock) and was designed by Paula Howard Patterns on Etsy.

I'm still working on the lettering design (I wanted to incorporate her actual invitation font), but I did find a piece of linen that exactly matches the teal in the stitch design (and was one of her wedding colors), which should work out nicely as a background for the lettering (and that way, we can technically have two separate projects for the other stitcher and me to work on at the same...I'm NOT going to share the same space and there is NO way in Hades I'm letting her stitch letters on top of my finished work! If she screws it up, the whole thing would have to be scrapped). Deciding whether to do full letters or just back-stitched letters has been the complication. I want it to look good, but also be easy enough that the other stitcher would be able to do a good job on it.

Back to Lilac, here is this week's Needle Club progress (and this will act as a before IHSW pic as well):

I fully intend on finishing the row this weekend (even though I am dying to finish those damned Disney Pic DVD's...I'm SOOO close!). Happy IHSW Hermitters and see you on the other side!


Linda said...

Wonderful progress Keebles. Good luck with the wedding picture. Beautiful design.


SoCal Debbie said...

The Rainy Wedding pic is beautiful. I hope you find just the perfect font for the other stitcher to do. Maybe there could be a crocheted border, like a mat to lay over the edges of the design, so you could still put that into the frame.

SoCal Debbie said...
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SoCal Debbie said...

Maybe the knitter/crocheter in your group could do something like this to put around the Rainy Wedding cross stitch picture:

You could frame as-is or put everything into a deep shadowbox frame with glass to protect it all.