Sunday, September 22, 2013

Disney Necessities Part 7: The Pet Sitter (aka Grandma)

We're almost done with this blog series, so I guess I should talk about the most important aspect of any trip...the pet sitter. My boys don't like to be boarded (what dog does?), so stability and their own environment is very important when I'm not here. My Mother has graciously stayed with my "kids" for many years (although we have had our "moments" because she thinks she can sneak them down to her house for a while...she ALWAYS gets caught).

Plus, it's always good to make sure your house is safe (especially where I live). I do have a security system, but I feel much better knowing that my stuff is protected. I also have friends in the police force, so the extra police presence always makes my Mother feel better about staying in my trailer (I'm the poor one of the family and my better-off relatives have issues with coming near my neck of the woods...someday when I win the lottery those roles will be reversed!).

I have boarded them in the past, but they always come home sick and really REALLY mad at me. This will be Bam's time with me gone as well...hopefully he will take to my Mother! Zach could care less as long as he gets to sleep and eat, he doesn't even notice I'm gone!

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