Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-day surprise

I'm not a fan of today...chalk it up to too many years on my own, too many horrible memories of my marriage, or many other reasons I could could come up with (be they real or imagined). I don't usually acknowledge today as anything other than just a regular day (and, as per my post title, even have trouble saying it). Now, if someone decides to throw V-day candy my way, I won't deny them their generous gift (re: the cupcakes in our breakroom today that I have had three of...thanks whoever, I have no clue who brought them, nor do I care, they were covered in icing and were store bought instead of homemade, that was good enough for me).

But today I got a surprise from my sissy that left me speechless and the envy of all the married creatures wandering around the lab who have yet to get nada (bet there will be a couple of husbands chewed out tonight):

Considering that I have very recently brought up the subject of our Mother wanting to go to Disney at X-mas (another day I can't bare to spell...oh why can't every holiday be Halloween?), it makes me question her motives. Are purple roses code for "please don't make me go to Disney World at X-mas"?

Tuesday was also our Mother's retirement party, which I had to attend much to my chagrin (because we all know how much I LOVE to be social). Could these possibly be "buck up little trooper, hope you've gotten over Tuesday" flowers? Or maybe they are "glad you survived the five Xanax you downed throughout the day" flowers. Or even "so sorry you had to take pictures with your family" flowers.

Then again, why must I question everything? Could they possibly just be "hey sis, love you and thinking of you and hope you are having a good day" flowers? Knowing my fabulous sister, that is exactly what she meant them to be (with a touch of "don't make me go to Disney World at X-mas" thrown in for good measure)! totally rock! I have raised you well. Love Ya, Mean It (and yes, if I have to spend time with Chuck and Dave in their X-mas jumpers, so do you!!).

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Vickie said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!!!! I love purple roses!! I carried those at my wedding.