Friday, August 31, 2012

First blogoversary!!!

Kate over at The Suddenly Kate Show and Momuboocrea Island reminded me that it was my blogoversary (because I've been too busy to even notice-what would I do without her!!). I cannot believe it's been an entire year, but at the same time I feel like I've been blogging forever!

But as for my year of blogging, I've learned so much about not only myself, but stitching (a subject I thought I had already mastered...silly moi), and tons of other subjects that I never thought I would care about. I've met some amazing people and even gained an amazing bestie that hopefully will be a friend for life (that is until you get sick of me Katie and then Tony will be pissed because he'll have to deal with me all by himself!). I've been able to vent my frustrations and share my thoughts without the burden of seeing indifference in a person's face. I've also participated in some amazing challenges, something I'd never do in "the real world". I'm almost borderline social now (I know, scary prospect)!

Hopefully with my new work schedule, my blogging (and stitching) will get back on track. I have an idea for a new blog series..."Disney Planning 101 - The OCD View" and I have tons of reviews I need to do of shows I've been watching lately. I'd really like to get at least one of my WIP's done before the end of the year. I have a backlog of books I haven't read yet that fill an entire bookshelf. But most importantly, I have an upcoming Disney trip to plan!!

I do have blogging thanks to give...of course to Kate, whose support and friendship I would be at a loss without. Vickie at the Reading And Stitching blog, without whom I never would have started blogging in the first place. Joyce at Random Ramblings who has not only allowed me to participate in the International Hermit And Stitch Weekends, but is my stitching guru master and fellow gamer! Tom at, who makes me want to be like him when I grow up...brutally honest and an amazing and passionate blogger! Of course there are tons of others and I hope no one feels left out, I do appreciate each and every one of you guys!

I wish I had the time to celebrate properly, but tomorrow is judgement day (so to speak). The docs had their exec meeting tonight and it was uncommonly short (which could be either bad or good), but hopefully tomorrow I will know new job title, my duties, my new pay rate, and whether or not I'll be hourly or salaried. Scary stuff! Even worse, it means I have one more day to milk as much knowledge as I can get from the guy I'm replacing! Needless to say, my blogoversary will be celebrated with a couple of Guinnesses and an early night.

Thank you from the bottom of my tiny itty bitty soul for supporting me during this past year and I'm really looking forward to the next year to come, not just for me, but for all my blogging friends!


Pull the other thread said...

CONGRATS on your Blogoversery

Kate N said...

happy happy anniversary! Do the OCD Disney - and the reviews and the stitching and the reading and the..just do everything! I am afraid you could never scare me away and are stuck with me for life - Hope everything goes well and some stuff gets resolved. once again..happy anniversary!

Miamina said...

Happy Anniversary!

Since discovering your blog, I've loved reading your posts and seeing all the pictures. IMHO, I wouldn't worry too much about all the things you haven't done, just make sure that you enjoy the things that you do! Hopefully your new job might leave you with more time to fit some of these things in!

I'm glad you'll be getting some more solid information about your new job and that this will help relieve some of the stress that you have been feeling.

I'm so happy that blogging has broadened your life in ways that you never expected and I hope it continues to do so!

Ewa said...

I just want you to know that I don't comment very often, but I read every single one of your posts and enjoy them immensely. Happy Blogoversary! You enjoy that Guinness :)

Sew Wilde said...

Congrats!! I just found your blog recently and I really enjoy it! I am looking forward to your Disney planning post. My sister and I want to go to Disney some time next year-we are just love it. Good luck with the new job!!

Joysze said...

Happy Blogoversary, Keiley!!!! :D

Oh honey... I allowed you NOTHING. You bring sooooo much to IHSW and it's a joy having your company each month. :D

How were the Guinnesses? Did you have a pint for me too? ;)