Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreams and questions

I don't know how many of you pay attention to your dreams, but I've always been fascinated with mine since a very young age.  I used to be much better at manipulating them than I am now (a side effect of a childhood filled with nightmares-got to keep the baddies from getting you somehow), but, needless to say, I have an overabundance of dreams every single night in many different guises (as do most Aspers since our brains run non-stop) and I also typically remember most of them. I believe that not all dreams are gobbledygook, some are actually your subconscious (or, depending on your religion, insert message-sending deity here) trying to tell you something, be it an omen or a solution to a problem.  Our minds are amazing and uncharted things that we may never understand, but when I run across one of these beauties, I do find myself looking for the meaning behind it (must be as prepared as I can for every eventuality, ah the power of OCD). I have numerous dream dictionaries I typically refer to, but the web is also a great source of info and I often compare and contrast the meanings depending on the situation, to get the best possible answer (most good sources are pretty similar ).

A recurring dream that I have quite often (as well as lots of other people) is one where my teeth are falling out and I just keep spitting them out, handfuls at a time, usually lots more than there should actually be. Typically, most sources will tell you that this means change is coming.  I've always seen it as a bad omen because the entire dream is a constant freak out as to why are my teeth falling out, how can I stop it, and what will people think of me and my snaggledy mouth!  The combination of blood with the teeth usually means I'm about to get sick (I didn't have one when they found Fer-id, but I had tons when they diagnosed my migraines). But last night, for the first time ever, I had the teeth dream with constant handfuls of crumbled teeth, but when I checked my mouth, they were still all there and intact, no blood, no snagglies, solid as ever, and this kept up for quite a while, me spitting out handfuls of teeth and then checking to find them all still there.

I have a huge change coming at work at the end of the week, new position, new hours, and a massive responsibility that I'm not quite sure I can handle.  So the teeth dream is no surprise.  But what has been plaguing my mind all day is why were my teeth still there after falling out?  Is that a good omen or bad?  Does it mean big changes but all will still be intact, or all will be restored after the change, or I'll still save face after the change?  Or does it mean change for others (because my switching jobs is going to affect everyone elses jobs as well) while I stay rooted?  I've been driving myself crazy all day trying to work it out and the more I think about it, the more I'm completely stumped!

Anyone have any thoughts? For those of you that have had this dream, have you ever kept your teeth, and if you did, how did that work out for you in your waking life?

I'll do my stitch update when I get home, but I just wanted to put this out there, hopefully so I can stop obsessing about it!!


Kate N said...

I hate that dream, my teeth always crumble and then come out in handfuls but never any blood? I haven't had this dream for a long time but I have never had it where the teeth stay.
I have often thought maybe it means something but rarely compare it to my waking life although I do think dreams are manifestations of situations in your waking life. I don't know why but I interpret the dream as change is coming but that you may be feeling resistant to it and not embracing it so much but trying to hold onto how it has been. Maybe you want to somehow have control over the situation and have the change occur step by step. But the fact that the teeth carry on falling out makes me think that this change will happen regardless and you need to go with it.
I hope you have more comments that are slightly clearer than this one!

Joysze said...

Huh... I've never had a teeth dream..

Maybe your new one is telling you that amidst all that change, the foundation is going to be ok. Cos no matter how many times you spit them out, they're still intact with no blood.