Friday, July 27, 2012

Movies that I wished had sequels

Since I'm on a roll (or a nag, which ever way you want to look at it), what about movies that should have got their sequel but never did? I should warn you, some of my favorite movies no one has ever heard of!

The first one that always comes to mind is The Princess Bride. It's too late now, but what a great sequel that could have been!! "Mawwage, mawwage is wha bwings us togever today" could have been the theme, Wesley and Buttercup's wedding, which, of course, has to be interrupted by Prince Humperdinck and the Six Fingered Man (hey, if Indigo could survive all those sword wounds, why can't Count Rugan?).

And speaking of fairy tales, Ella Enchanted was another good one I'd like to see a sequel to. It wasn't a popular movie, but I loved it and Hugh Dancy is a total hottie (although they might want to keep his vocal coach for the singing!).

My all-time favorite movie is Gotcha (yep...never heard of it have you?). Anthony Edwards and Linda Fiorentino...he's a student who plays a campus spy game called Gotcha and ends up getting caught up in a real spy game in Eastern Europe. Bald or not, Anthony is still a hottie and I'd love to see them together now since she's still just as pretty (unlike some of her latter day counterparts).

Practical Magic...another one of my favorite movies of all time and I'm definitely NOT a Nicole Kidman fan. But they could have done so much with another one of those!! Maybe even a prequel with Stockard Channing's and Dianne Weiss's characters when they were younger...they made that movie for me! And I think that, other than Jason Patric, Aidan Quinn was the best on-screen chemistry that Sandra Bullock had).

Any of the holy trinity (and for those that don't know, that would be Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club). How cool would it be to see those casts all grown up and together again (hopefully with Andie married to Duckie!).

Grosse Point Blank...IMO, the best John Cusack movie ever. How the general population missed this gem is beyond me, but I'd love to see Martin Blank trying to not be a contract hitman! And how on earth could he have a real relationship with Debi? And of course you'd have to bring his sisters back, Joan as his faithful assistant and Ann as the drunk classmate!

The Covenant - OK, I know it is too late to put that cast back together, but they are even hotter now than they were then (especially Taylor Kitsch and Sebastian Stan) as well as built (not that they weren't in the Covenant), but now they have the added benefit of maturity, which is hot on any guy (now that I'm and old lady!).

Stigmata - Another bomb, but whoever thought of Gabriel Byrne as a priest should get an Oscar! A strange aside, but why is it that actors that play good priests, also always make great vampires? Ben Cross anyone? (I love Ben!) But anyhoo, Stigmata ended with the question will they or won't they and I'd like to see them...ahem. Of all the Arquette's, Patricia is the only one I ever liked anyway, so I would be OK with her getting Gabriel.

Speaking of Bruce Willis in Die Hard (see last post), he had quite a number of movies in the 90's that bombed, but I loved them anyway (you shocked?)...most notably Hudson Hawk and Striking Distance. Just thinking about the museum robbery scene from Hudson Hawk still makes me smile (and I have the mp3's of him and Danny Aiello singing on my ipod)! Yes, he and Andi McDowell in Hudson Hawk had about as much chemistry as him and Sarah Jessica Parker in Striking Distance, but who says they have to end up with the same girls in the sequels? (yeah, I know, I probably would get pissed off about it if he didn't). Bruce and Danny Aiello in HH and Tom Sizemore in SD were much better couples. Ever notice how Bruce has better chemistry with his male costars than his female? Must be why he's never done a successful romantic movie (at least none other than Moonlighting, but that was TV, and only because he fought with Cybil on and off screen - hatred makes great chemistry!).

Here is the farthest reach of all - The Pirate Movie: Now, you have to be of a certain age to even know what I'm talking about, but I absolutely love this movie (and yes, it's on my ipod too). It's horrible, and cheesy, and corny, and possibly has the worst actor singing ever, but one of the best love stories on film (yes, told you my view was skewed!), and who doesn't love a Pirates of Penzance adaptation?. It may be one of the best couples in movie history...Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol!

And I think I've exhausted the sequel soapbox quite enough for now, besides, I could probably go on forever about movies that I love that no one has probably ever seen, so a lot of good it's doing me (other than the vent-factor, which is always good for an Asper)! Have a good weekend everybody!

Official movie sequel soapbox dismount...for now...

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