Monday, May 21, 2012

Haven't been updating much...

I'm getting more used to the diet, but I'm still pretty low on energy. I have managed some exercise, although not very much. I know I need to get my feet ready for Disney World, but my motivation is lacking a bit. I'll get there in the end, I always do and no matter how much I walk on the treadmill, my feet will never be truly ready for the torture that is Disney World!!

Speaking of Disney, things have been quiet. I've been on the Dis Boards, but they annoy the living crap out of's full of hateful, cruel, horrible people who ask the dumbest questions and get pissed when they get called dumb for it. In all the years I've been on them, I've rarely ever posted. I pretty much stick to the threads of photos and really only do that when I can't get my Disney fix from the various news sites. I do read the rumor posts, but most all of them are crap to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

On the work front, things have either gotten better, or I have just accepted my fate of being eternally walked on. I'm sure it's more option two than one. I'm making a paycheck, I guess that's all the matters. Work is work and home is everything. I just have to remember it.

And speaking of home, somehow I managed to give Zachary a haircut this weekend as a stitching break.

Yeah, he's worse than me when it comes to picture taking:

This is a bit better:

I didn't manage to make a dent in the shows piled up in front of my TV this weekend though! But without Once Upon A Time this week, I felt a bit TV lost (no pun intended...for those that don't get the pun, the writers of Lost are the ones that created Once Upon A Time). I'm still completely blown away by the finale! That really was an amazing show and really cool how it all came together and I can't WAIT for season 2!

Next week Gary Barlow is gonna be on Graham Norton on BBC America and I'm so excited! A little piece of my world is finally coming to my real world. I did find it kind of annoying that on the previews of next week's show they didn't mention him even though he's a main guest. Guess because people in this country don't know him.

Guess I'm rambling and I need to stop since this was the stupid post ever!


Kate said...

Just saw your gadget on the side! Wow 15lbs already, go you! That brilliant. I must try it.

Keebles said...

Warning - it's hard as hell!!