Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Darren's got a new vid!!

This one creeped up on me! Usually I'm pretty good at keeping up with D! I loved this song on the album, but the video really brings it home! It's haunting, tortured, and a bit freaky as well (especially if you don't like clowns)!! But at the same time, it's completely different from Said It All by Take That, in that instead of just sad, it's beautifully painful (only Darren can make pain beautiful!).

I've talked about how important Duran and Take That is, but Darren is a different species altogether! I swear sometimes he has this cosmic link to my soul because every single song seemingly is about my life!! I've already discussed this before and his effects on me here, and I think it just gets stronger with age!

But without further ado, bask in the glory that is Darren Hayes!

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