Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lodge walk thru video and other Disney sites

I can't believe I never noticed these before! All Ears net is definitely the best Disney fan site!

Here is the video for Wilderness Lodge:

I have to tell you, I have tears running down my face right now! I could smell the smells when the doors opened, feel the fire from the fireplace, feel the resin/other people's hand slime from Humphrey's nose, smell the weird chlorine/moldy smell coming from the bridge inside as well as the geyser outside, got itchy in my pockets through the gift shop, got growls in my stomach from the romp through Artist Point, and just got a general feeling of "I want to go home" (when you arrive at a Disney resort, the first thing they say to you is "welcome home").

As a point of note, the music that you hear on both this video and the one I posted for the Polynesian is the actual BGM (Background Music) from these resorts! Most people don't even notice the BGM in Disney, but it's everywhere! It makes the atmosphere and it's changes are what mark your progression from one area to another more than the scenery, people just don't realize it! For those that do go, next time you are in the Magic Kingdom and are walking under the area that transitions from Adventureland to Frontierland or from Adventureland to Liberty Square or even from Liberty Square to Frontierland, see if you can tell the difference in the music, these are the areas where it is most noticeable to me! Wow, off topic again.

All Ears doesn't have a video for the Contemporary. I tried looking on YouTube for a suitable substitution, but alas, none were available. Apparently, people have never heard of image stabilization!

In case you were wondering (probably not), there are several sites I visit when planning a Disney vacation and even daily just for Disney information and I thought I would share these with you.

In the planning sense, I've already told you about All, but there is also the Official Disney World site, of course, and The Dis, which I mainly use for their message boards (I don't typically post much, but I do read, and usually get pissed off because people get on my nerves, but that's another story).

For news and general Disney updates, I check, almost everyday, sometimes several times a day, The Official Disney Blog, WDW Magic, Stitch Kingdom, Mouse Steps, and Orlando Theme Park News.

Oh, and I guess I should add, there are two main podcasts I listen to, WDW Today and WDW Radio Podcast, both of which are downloadable on iTunes.

When I just get back from a trip though, I suffer from Post-Disney depression and pretty much stay away from all these sites, but eventually, I find my way back on them. Last year, I rarely got on any of them, just enough to keep updated with the new renovations in Fantasyland (the Magic Kingdom is going through it's largest expansion since it's opening) and any other massive changes, but the day to day stuff I haven't been keeping up with and I've stayed away from the Dis almost entirely! It was really hard not going to Disney World last year and I think, no matter my situation, from now on, I'm not going to miss a year again. It affects me in a way that recharges my "life batteries" enough that I can make it through whatever for at least a year and since I skipped a year, I've been running on dead batteries (which might be my problem) - yes, Disney is THAT powerful (see next blog).