Monday, January 23, 2012

I got asked THE question

No, not THAT question, but my personal "THE" question...the one from my sister..."are we going to Disney World this October?". My first response was, "I don't think so, I still have to get a new vehicle, I've got tons of dental work to pay for this year, gotta get new contacts this year, my house needs work, etc..", but I no sooner walked away from her and my little Disney brain starting working out how it could be possible..."if I moved this around, and stop buying such and such, and went on a diet, and started training, it might be feasible"!

I scare myself sometimes. To be as poor as I am, I always find someway to afford to go to one of the most expensive destinations in the continental US (at least the way we go to Disney that is!). I spend about 3x as much in spending money as it costs to actually go (which is why numerous rooms in my house are overrun with collectibles...I have one room in particular that's called the "Duck Room" - my Donald Duck shrine, I have a "Mickey Bathroom", my bedroom is all Princesses and Villains...if I didn't love it all so much it would be embarrassing!

Going to Disney gives me purpose and a focus. I diet and train because you have to be in shape to be able to handle the shear size of the place (and my holiday clothes are a certain size, so I have to loose weight to fit into them). I spend the entire year planning and organizing and working out schedules and meal plans and organizing reservations. I create a little book out of note cards with all our info in it and have it bound at Kinkos as a guide, a diary, and a collectible. But most important of all, Disney World is the only place on earth where I feel truly comfortable and happy, even if it's only for one week.

We didn't go last year because I was supposed to get a new car last year, but numerous other expenses cropped up and I didn't. Can I really make it another year without it? I have an entire year chocked full of headaches the very same year I don't go to WDW...coincidence? (although, in fairness, the headaches had started right before the last trip, so they weren't the initial cause).

Honest answer, I want to go...BAD. Should I go?...probably not. Will I go?...if I can find a way, you bet Donald's cute little duck butt! But ultimately, the ball is in my Sister's court. I need very little pushing off the proverbial cliff right now and if she says "let's do it", I'm on board!


Joysze said...

This won't help.... but WDW is the greatest place on earth!!! :D

Chris McGuire said...

My local college football team (Oregon Ducks) has Donald Duck for a mascot so that pretty much makes me an expert on this issue... Go! :-)

Tammy said...

All I have to say is that you should do what makes you happy and if going there is the answer make is happen! We don't give ourselves enough spoiled time and time is short.

Kate said...

Go! :) then tell me all about it!

Mattysam AKA Keebles' Sister said...

Why, oh, why do I have such troubles posting a comment?

Keebs, consider yourself pushed, 'cause I am so ready.

Vickie said...

I say put the trip in layaway , pay on it each month and go!