Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Progress Live

It came today! I can't stop crying! How amazing! I can't even imagine having been there in the audience! I've been to concerts before...seen Duran Duran more times than I can count, but nothing has moved me the way this has and this was a video! When they all finally showed up on stage together...I just don't even know what to say! I'm gonna be on a Take That high for a month! Great way to end a really crappy headache day! I can't wait until the Live Album comes out too so I can listen to it in the car!

Here are some highlights I found on YouTube:

I can't even imagine walking out somewhere and having that many people screaming at you! But Mark sounded as strong as Gaz!

When the crying started...God I love Mark!

To be able to hear Mark sing Babe now that he can actually sing...shivers...just shivers!

Proper 90's boy band stuff, but all five and totally lost it when Mark goes "welcome back Rob"!

This was just a total OMG moment! Watching Gaz and Rob kid around was one thing...but when Markie and Rob started dancing together, I was just openly blubbering by that point!

They always have the best time doing this one!

From a negative front...Robbie's solo stuff was so below par. I didn't, but I found myself wanting to fast forward through it. It's definitely a far cry from his Swing When You're Winning Days! Once he was in "band mode", his voice got better.


Kate said...

Hi keebles - I never knew you were a take that fan! I saw them when they first started out (ahem...I was 16 at the time! so imagine how long ago that was....nearly 20 years!) on a tiny little stage at the cambridge corn exchange - I was at the front (standing area) and I nearly got strangled by a rogue T-shirt! I dont know why all my funny stories involve me being strangled! (maybe I will blog about them one day). I saw them again at Wembley just before the split and I can say that even then they were AMAZING!!!! You have such great taste :) The one take that song that epitomises them for me is Pray. I know its not great (unlike some tracks on their latest album) but its them. Sorry for the long comment :o I just got a bit excited!

Keebles said...

Great minds think alike! Live I love Pray, but old school, despite what Robbie says, Could It Be Magic is my favorite! I've always had a weakness for boy bands! I don't think I'll ever grow out of it! Bu I do have to say I like the current incarnation without Robbie the best. They don't need him and he doesn't fit right (other than the sound and nostalgia factor). It was kind of like when Andy Taylor came back to Duran..."it was nice to have you back and see you all together again, you can go now"!