Sunday, November 6, 2011

Problem update and other thoughts

Thanks to everyone for your comments! I've ordered some 28ct lugana and I'm gonna try that 1x1. In the meantime, I'll just concentrate on A Summer Ball. This whole thing has definitely been a learning experience! But since I've only ever done kits, I should have guessed there would be a few bumps in the road! Thank goodness for the internet! It's not like I know anyone around me who could or would help me with these issues! So thanks again everyone!

I did finally break down and watch the entire series of Strike Back - Project Dawn. At least by ep3 they did do a bit of redemption for the death of John Porter (aka Richard Armitage). It did get better and by the end I did enjoy it (although it was NOWHERE near as good as the original series and if you have access I highly recommend you watch the original).

There is a television show I've wanted to review...Once Upon A Time. I've watched the two episodes numerous times a piece online. It's the first American show in years that I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE! (although there is no way the Evil Queen could beat Maleficent in a fight - the Queen is a witch...she needs spells - something this series seems to forget sometimes, Maleficent is a fairy, her magic is innate and could conjure at will - I take my Disney lore seriously). And I can't believe I actually like a show that's doing well in the ratings! Normally a show I like bombs and they pull it!

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Joysze said...

Glad you're testing out the 28ct. Hope you'll like it better. :)

We've been watching Once Upon a Time too, and so far so good.