Friday, October 14, 2011

Ready for the IHSW!!

So this is where I am:

Wednesday night:

and tonight:

Page 1 is done! Only two more pages to go!! I fully intended to start my HAED next, but I've been thinking about it today, and maybe I should do a few "smaller" ones between this one and the HAED. This one has about 40,000 stitches and I'm just not sure I want to jump right into another one so massive. Overall, I've really only spent a few months doing this one (counting actual work time), but it's been pretty intense (ah, the power of OCD!!). I have all the elements for Tanglewood. But then again, maybe I'm just scared of the has over 165,000 stitches on 25ct! I do have numerous kits I could choose from as well. Guess it gives me something to dwell on while I stitch this weekend!!

Good luck to everyone and enjoy being a hermit for the weekend! There's nothing I'd rather be (and typically am anyway!).


mcewan07 said...

Have you done a HAED before?

I started my first one in december 2010, i now have 9 on the go. my smallest has a little over 63000 stitches, my most is 303000+ stitches, the majority are in the 200000 range. They are easy and straight forward. I understand you might not want to big projects back to back, but dont let the stitch count put you off.

my friend started haeds 4 weeks ago.She had only done smalls before, and thought i was daft for doing 9 at once. She had just started projects 2 to 5.

I find the 25 count very easy to work on.

I love your micky mouse design , my son goes nuts when he saw it, and cant wait to see mondays progress. Kepp up the good work.

keebles said...

Thanks so very much for the reassurances! I've really only been reading negative reviews about how daunting they are (although technically I think I'm used to the daunting, so I don't know what my hang-up is).

I'm leaning toward a new plan of action, but I'm not ready to make a decision just yet...depends on how this weekend goes!

Happy stitching!

keebles said...
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