Monday, September 26, 2011

Stitch update

Haven't made much progress past few days. Had to work a double shift on Friday (on top of my normal 10-12 hrs) and ended up with a bad headache and slept completely through Saturday. Got back to stitching today, but work was slow.

This was Tuesday's work:

This was Wednesday's:

And here was Sunday's:

Also discovered a bit of a gaff that's got me stumped. Apparently there was something I didn't notice. There is a ' and a `, only on the pattern, it's barely discernible, and I didn't discern it and now it's way to late to correct. It explains why Donald is so pink (although even if I could fix it, it would only make him a bit more purple). It's driving me nuts!

Between the hole in the material and the weird colors of the pattern, I'm just ready to chuck it in. I think I could create this pattern way better than what it is. I just hate to give up months of work. And I know that if I start it over again, I'll absolutely HATE working on it. Anybody have any thoughts? Should I just chuck it all in and start again, or just keep it going?


Kate said...

You should just keep going - it looks great!

Vickie said...

That is a tough decision. Only you can make this decision.