Friday, September 30, 2011

The dreaded hole

Here it is in all it's glory...patched right now:
I've got it over-patched right now. I've never put a hole in material before, but I've never not bought a professional kit or made my own before either. It has definitely put me off buying full kits from strangers.

I worked a bit more on Wednesday night and got this far:

And not much farther tonight:


Joysze said...

EEEK!!! What happened?? Why is there a hole? I read back to the previous days' posts and couldn't see where you mentioned it. With the patch as it is now, would it raise the stitches to where you'd have a bump?...

I don't like romantic comedies much either. I think the whole guy meets girl, someone gets betrayed cos the other person did something stuff, make up thing is over done and unoriginal.

Gimme a good mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, or action movie any day. :) No dramas either. Real life sucks enough to where I don't need that in my tv or movie watching. ROFL... I sound like such a b****.

keebles said...

I was holding onto the material and my finger went right through it! I couldn't believe it! Totally freaked me out!

I hate dramas too! Why in the world would anyone want to watch a movie that would make you cry!