Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Things, well they are a changin...

I tried really hard to stitch last week. I switched to Alice and the B's on Monday. I left off at the end of row 3 back in April:
And this is how far I got before I got bored Monday:
So sad!

On Tuesday, I decided I wanted to rearrange my Captain America stuff and ended up dropping a Yankee Candle on my toe. I thought I had just broken one toe, but apparently, I broke two.
Since I have web toes, it's hard to tell sometimes, but my third toe on my right foot was the only toe on either foot I have never broken. Poor second toe has already been broken twice. There aren't too many bones I haven't broken in my lifetime, but at least broken toes don't hurt much and, since there is nothing they can do about them, you don't have to worry about tons of medical expenses. At least they are pretty colors!

Again, thanks to the ever amazing Jo, I decided that is it finally time to edit my last Disney trip pictures and to do new reviews. I've got my Sister's pictures done and I'm about halfway done with mine. Once I get them uploaded, let the reviews begin. Maybe by the time I'm done with those, I'll be in the stitchy mood again!

I did get my old Jasmine wall rearranged:
I took down the family photos and started the new Jasmine wall:
I still have to get Strangely Lonely framed and I'll have my Sister pick up the new Aurora one in Disney World in October and then the wall will be officially done until I get Alice and the B's finished. Once I get Aurora, she will replace the first Haunted Mansion Bride next to Maleficent and the two Brides will be together on the second wall. I also want to get all the Horseman Unseelies, but I'm not sure how they will go with the others...maybe I need a third Jasmine wall!

The new Disney Villain stamps also came out and I ordered the framed set of those as well. Maybe I'll be able to post those pics next week.


Leonore Winterer said...

Your walls look great, but ouch for the broken toes!

Tiffstitch said...

Yikes! I'm so sorry about your toes. And glad you were up to photo processing and writing reviews. Stitching will be there when you're ready for it again.

Linda said...

Ouch!!! Sorry about your toes Keiley. I broke my little toe many many years ago when I went to kick my ex husband and kicked a solid maple table leg. I so love your walls. They are amazing. Progress is progress. My stitching is pretty much gone with the heat we're having. Somedays only 20 or so stitches. Looking forward to your Disney pics and posts. You mentioned you would have your sister pick up a picture at Disney for you in October. Aren't you going.


Faith... said...

You got in some progress and that is great ;) Love, love, love the wall idea and design. What an inspiration to look at. Hope your toes feel better!

Khristine Doiron said...

Oh my dear your poor toes!!! Hope they heal quickly! And your Jasmine walls look so awesome!! You may just have convinced me I need to stitch some JBG!

Mii Stitch said...

Sorry to read about your toes!!
But the walls look great!

Justine said...

Your Jasmine walls look great! Sorry to read about your toes but I think it gives you the perfect excuse to sit and stitch or edit photos!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Ouch, you made my toes curl when you said what you had done! I get a shiver up in my feet and shins when I read about people hurting themselves. Weird!
Anyway, I'm glad I gave you a plan to focus on. I like to reorganise things when I need a little boost. Catalogueing things works well for me.
And you've stitched a couple of hundred stitches there at least! It's only because it's such a big project that it doesn't look much.
Love the way the Jasmine designs look too.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Just doing some catching up on reading. I love the arrangement of your Jasmines. It's fantastic! I'm sorry to hear about your toes. I've broken a couple of toes before. There wasn't a whole lot I could do about it other than wait for them to heal. I am looking forward to seeing your edited photos. I can never get enough of Disney vacation pictures. Hope you're healing up OK. Always thinking of you. Andrea

Bethan said...

Your poor broken toes! I hope they get better soon! I love your Jasmine walls - they look great, and there are so many fantastic patterns x

Vickie said...

I hope by now your toes are healed!! Love your wall!!!!!