Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays-Top 5 TV Detectives

That's right, Top 5 Tuesdays (formerly Top 10 Tuesdays) are back! Head over to The Suddenly Kate Show Blog if you wish to participate or just read everyone else's posts.

This week's selection is Top 5 TV Detectives. Other than British Detective Dramas, I don't typically watch detective shows, so this one might be a hard one for me. It might be easier for me to list my Top 5 Detective shows.

1) Midsomer Murders - Yes, I'm old because I enjoy the heck out of this show (and always have). Granted, it's hard to believe that there are any people left in these villages after all these years of murders, betrayals, cheating, etc, but coming from a small town myself, you'd be surprised how close to home some of the storylines are. Besides, you'd also be surprised how many big-named actors got their start on Midsomer Murders...seriously, I will never get the vision of a very young (and very hot) Orlando Bloom taking a pitch fork to the chest!

2) Lucifer - My one American choice (although, since it's Tom Ellis, I don't count it as such). I enjoy watching Tom any chance I get (despite the annoying guy-liner, which he SOOO doesn't need). The show is full of humor (and Tom), intricate characters (and Tom), and pretty decent storylines (and Tom).

3) Morse/Lewis/Endeavour - I'm lumping these together because they are all kind of a related. Lewis was Morse's underling and Endeavour is Morse in his young years. I'm a bit behind on these DVDs (I need to get series 9 of Lewis and 3 of Endeavour), but I'll get there eventually. Maybe it's time for a Morse marathon!

4) Waking The Dead - Although this show is long off the air, I still whip out the DVDs and watch them upon occasion (which is why I need to replace a season, I've worn them out). Although I'm not that big a fan of Trevor Eve, the character suits him. The show is dark (which I like), deals a lot with forensics (which I also like), so it's a pretty good, all 'round good show. There were 9 series altogether and a spin-off show called The Body Farm (which tanked, but I liked it too).

5) DCI Banks - Again, show OK, Stephen Tompkinson...huge crush!! It doesn't matter how old that man gets, I think he's gets better with age (kind of like Sean Connery). Whether he plays a priest, a vet in the wilds of Africa, or a detective, I'm always riveted by his shows.

You will have noticed that Sherlock is NOT on the list...prepare yourself...I'm not that big a fan of it (neither am I of Downton Abbey). As much as I love (and prefer) British television, when a Brit show becomes popular in the States, the writing takes a left turn in order to appeal more to the American masses (or, as I like to say, becomes Americanized). This is what makes them lose their uniqueness and thus their appeal to me.


craftingpaws said...

Totally share your love of Midsomer Murders! So glad I found the show on Netflix. I could watch it over and over (and definitely have). ;)

Tiffstitch said...

That reminds me I need to start watching Midsomer Murders. I always see it on my watchlist, but haven't started yet. Great list!

Linda said...

I haven't seen any British shows but I enjoyed your post. Looking forward to seeing it every week.


Bea said...

I'm with you on Midsomer and Morse/Lewis, not so much the other 3. Never seen an episode of Sherlock - don't like it when they take him out of his Victorian setting.

Emma Louise said...

I love Midsomer Murders and DCI Banks too. Have you tried Vera? It's set and filmed about half an hour away from me.

Heather said...

I haven't seen any of those but they sound interesting. I love me some Orlando Bloom!