Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekly Stitching

Considering that I had a VERY long work week, I still managed to get a chunk of stitching done. I left off here last week:
And, although I finished the first page and got a chunk of the second page done, I'm still too far behind to finish by the end of the year:
I'm still holding out hope that the extra days around the holidays will give me adequate time to hit my deadline though, even with the extra work time that I'll also be putting in next week.

I did go back to therapy this week. I'm trying to be better at recognizing when things are going south and I'm making the effort to head them off first. The therapy itself doesn't help a bit, but I think that talking it out with someone who has no interest in me whatsoever makes it easier to say things out loud that I need to hear so that I can process it better internally. The joys of being an Asper!

I'm going to try to get caught up on reading blogs next week. I know I've been horrible about it lately and I've missed seeing everyone's progress. I've also managed to get way behind in emails yet again. I've really got to try to do better all the way around.


Linda said...

Will Keiley, I still think you made fantastic progress this week. I'm glad to hear that therapy is helping some.


Mii Stitch said...

Like Linda I honestly think you have made very good progress on your project!!! I love it.

Justine said...

You've stitched all the way to the bottom! It looks gorgeous. Hope the therapy continues to help - however that happens. Hope you have a lovely peaceful stitchy Christmas.

Khristine Doiron said...

Awesome progress! Just do what you can do, don't stress about it. Those emails and blog posts aren't going anywhere :)

Bea said...

That is excellent progress and it's lovely to see the details coming to life. I'm glad the therapy is doing something for you, even if it's not the conventional way. But then, you don't do conventional!

Tiffstitch said...

Good to hear you can put the therapy to some use and not just be a waste of time. Plus, decent progress on L&S and end of the year might be possible if you get enough time off. I hope you can at least get 2 days straight without having to deal with work!

Heather said...

*snort* welcome to the club! I'm catching up (very slowly) but I think I'll get there. I'm glad you're trying to head things off I hope it's working for you :) Gorgeous stitching as always I'm still jealous of your speed!