Monday, July 4, 2016

Just One July - Week 1

Technically, this hasn't been a full week, but it kind of feels like it thanks to the Holiday and having a full extra stitch day even though today was a horrible day to focus on stitching. Between the Juno Mission arriving at Jupiter and Disney airing their 4th of July Fireworks live, my day as been pretty much full.

The good news is that Juno arrived safely (as you will all probably know once you read your morning news) and, rather than doing their random "live from" Disney World events, for the month of July The Disney Parks Blog will be doing an event every single Monday!

Next up on Monday the 11th, the new forecourt stage show at the Magic Kingdom (which is just starting, so we've not seen it yet), then the new Star Wars Fireworks at Disney's Hollywood Studios on the 18th, and then the last Monday (the 25th) will be a live showing of the Paint The Night Parade from Disneyland. So if anyone wants to see a Disney show live, stay-tuned to The Disney Parks Blog for info or the official Disney Parks You Tube page. I know, sometimes I sound like a commercial for Disney, but hey, you could end up with this song stuck in your head forever:

But back to the stitching, I started this challenge here:
I finished the row on Saturday:
Here's a close up:
And I managed a bit more on Sunday and Monday (although not nearly as far as I wanted - rather than finishing the first page of the second row, I got about two-thirds done with page 1 and a third into page 2...the dangers of cross-country stitching). At least I got all that horrible white finished:

But I didn't just stitch and watch NASA TV all weekend...the hippie got his summer 'do. He went from:
He honestly doesn't look that scraggy...he was still wet from his bath.

Now if the heathens in my trailer park would quit with the fireworks, maybe we can go to bed sometime before midnight (although as close as I already am and they are still going strong, I doubt it).


Melinda said...

I am excited to see your progress with Just One July. You picked a great chart - I love the colors and this looks so real.

Your Little Dog is looking great.

Linda said...

Your little hippie is adorable Keiley. Awesome progress as always. I'm so excited to see this piece grow.


Bea said...

That is really good progress and Bam looks very handsome with his new trim.

Justine said...

WOW - great progress has been happening on this one! OK, I just have to ask, why is it called "Otherwise"? It's really bugging me!

Mii Stitch said...

What a cute little dog!!
Awesome progress as always.
I love that design.

Tiffstitch said...

Great haircut and nice progress considering all the distractions!

Heather said...

Holy cow you basically stitched a page in like 2 days if I'm reading that correctly. That's nuts! It's looking great! I love the family photo in the background :)

Vickie said...

I just found the Just One July...I am going to start it now! I have a finish I wanted to show off! Love your progress...your furbaby is so cute