Saturday, June 18, 2016

Disney Reviews Snack Edition #14-Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

I decided to keep bakeries under "snacks" for now, so no new category today!

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is located in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot and I've always avoided it like the plague. I'm not sure why, I just couldn't imagine that Norway pastries are that good for some reason (probably because of the "famed" school bread which gags me at the sight of it, but I digress). For some reason though, we ended up wandering through and were pleasantly surprised!

Right now, most of Norway is boarded up to add a Frozen meet and greet as well as turned a beloved classic ride into a Frozen ride (ugh).
The inside of the bakery (and I'm still surprised I had never been in there before) had quaint touches throughout:
Forgive our feet in this one...I was going for the tiles:
And we cannot forget the lighting!
The seating area is nice, but outside, so probably not good on a hot day (which we didn't have) although there were still cool lights outside too (I really have a problem...hi, my name is Keebs and I'm addicted to Disney lights):
We both went for the Berry Cream Puff and it was AH-MAZ-ING!
Although, I have to admit that I'm pretty sure I've had this same thing at other Disney bakeries before and they were all pretty similar. But given our good experience with both the cast members and the food, I think we will definitely be trying this place again!


Linda said...

I need to quit looking at your post before I eat dinner. lol Yummy.


Cathy said...

We really like this place. We usually share a treat between us and have always liked what we have gotten. Glad to hear you liked it too.

Heather said...

I can't believe you avoided this place it's one of my favorites!

Tiffstitch said...

Good to know you had an excellent experience here!

Bea said...

Looks delicious and I'm glad it was.