Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stitching and other distractions

I started the week out great stitch bug was back and I was all excited. I left off here last weekend:
And by Monday night had made significant progress:
I was anxious for Tuesday night, but then the mail ran and several more diamond painting/cross stitch kits arrived. I tried to wait, but I just couldn't. I had already finished two, the tiny one:
And the tree that was destined for work:
But during my first shopping blitz on AliExpress, I found another tree I liked better and it arrived, so Tuesday and Wednesday was used up:
But I still needed to finish the Amazon kit that was short on beads, so I just used another color and finished it Wednesday and Thursday:
Come Friday, I got the kit I was most excited about and spent the entire weekend working on it (although it's so huge, I only made it almost halfway through):
If there is one thing I've learned about this stuff, the bigger the project, the better the image, but I seriously question the AliExpress size descriptions because none of them are ending up the way I pictured them. I want to buy a bigger (and square diamond) Disney Castle and redo it. Guess it's a good thing this is a VERY cheap hobby! I have several more kits in the wings, but hopefully when I finish this newest one, I'll be able to go back to stitching for a while. Guess we'll see.


Bea said...

Oh my goodness - beautiful projects. Be careful, your stitchy bug may feel unwanted and run away and hide again. lol Seriously, those are truly lovely pictures.

craftingpaws said...

Great progress and the new projects are very pretty!

Tiffstitch said...

Nice progress and awesome!! I love the new tree.

Heather said...

Nice progress I saw the castle one too and debated getting it :). I'm thinking I might try a kit or two for my nieces and nephews

diamondc said...

Beautiful stitching projects.


Tama said...

Awesome kits! I wish it were easier to find big ones :D I haven't got very far on mine; I need to get back to it! Especially since two little ones have shown up in the mail XD Your progress is Wonderful!