Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top 10 Things You Would Save In A Fire (Non-Living)

The Suddenly Kate Show

I'm a bit scared of this week's Top 10...I'm a firm believer in not putting certain vibes into the cosmos because they just might come true and this subject matter is one of my greatest fears. Kate's been through this personally, so she has the hindsight to know what she would save, but I honestly hope that it never happens to any of us (and in the case of Kate, never again). Make sure to check out Kate's and Tiff's blogs...they probably aren't as chicken as I am.

I debated long and hard on this subject last night and, in all honesty, despite my house full of stuff, the only real thing I would save would be Bam. Granted, I have things that cannot be replaced and that I would lose forever, but Bam is really the only important thing, he is my life. But, as the title says, this is about the non-living things.

Since I live in a trailer, the odds of me surviving a fire (if I was in the house at the time) are next to nil making this an almost impossible post, leaving me with basically a "fantasy" option, so I'm playing that card and going with 10 garbage bags. That's right...10 garbage bags filled with certain stuff.


Obviously, considering my frame of mind right now, I'm in a stitchy mood, so I would need one garbage bag for my current WIPs, one for my finished projects, and one for my stash.

GARBAGE BAGS #4, 5, 6, 7, AND 8:
Here is where the Disney stuff comes into play. Obviously, because I have a lot of stuff and certain collections like Donald, Stitch, Princesses & Villains, and the park stuff, each category would need it's own bag and then I would need a "general" bag for all the random stuff.

Since I am a techie, there are certain things I would need to continue living, such as my laptop, tablet, phone, etc and all subsequent chargers, cords, etc.


Lastly, I would need one bag for important personal items such as glasses/contacts, important documents, my purse, jewelry I've had my whole life, my pewter figurines, maybe a change of clothes or two, and my asthma meds (all the other meds could be replaced sort of quickly, but these I would need immediately, especially if I've been filling garbage bags full of stuff).


Dear Lady Fate,
Please do not take anything I have just written seriously. I know that, as a general rule, I am on your eternal shit-list, but please take this post to be anything more than pure dribble and not worth your time to even read, let alone act upon.
Your eternal slave and punching bag


Tiffstitch said...

I looked at this as a way to figure out if the worst happened, then I've thought of what to do and bring right away. But definitely I add my positive vibes that this never happens to anyone and certainly not again to Kate.

Heather said...

Lol well you wouldn't need to worry about forgetting your asthma Meds then. I don't think I have anything I'd really need to save other than paradise (because if I didn't finish it I'd be pissed!). Most of my stuff is in storage though so it doesn't count lol. Actually if I did have it I'd really just need to save my baby blanket and blanket my grandma made me. Everything else is replaceable

Bea said...

Makes about as much sense as anything I guess, but I'm with you in hoping this is never more than an imaginary list.