Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Stitching

I know this is a bit redundant since I just did a progress post, but a lot happened this three-day weekend, so I still have enough for my usual Sunday update. Almost all the household projects I skipped last weekend got done this weekend...just a few straggler projects left. How I ever managed time to stitch was pretty surprising actually. I un-scrolled Rainy Wedding and got it ironed (I didn't think it needed washing, so I didn't bother).
You never really pay too much attention to fabric changes when you go up in count (Rainy Wedding was on 18), but when you go back down again, it's really hard to adjust. My fabric of choice is always 28ct Monaco and all of my new projects as well as most of the old ones are on 28ct. It takes a while for my eyes to adjust back to stitching on such tiny fabric. It's probably why I've had a massive headache all day today.

Friday I worked on Suteki...just as I feared, it's dithered to the max, but I still managed a chunk of it, technically, almost half a page (although, in fairness, it's only a partial page anyway):
Honestly, I really just don't like the overall look of it either, but it's what I'm stuck with, so on I must roll. As always, I'm hoping that the end result won't suck as much as it does actually working on it.

On Saturday, I took care of most of the household tasks, so I got started late on Night Wish but, again, I did manage a bit of it:
So far, this one is my favorite. I do absolutely LOVE the colors, but considering purple is my favorite color of all, it's kind of expected. Again though, we'll see how I feel after a couple of rows.

Sunday was set aside for Snow White but, unfortunately, my head didn't cooperate and it decided to explode at some point a few hours ago and I haven't been able to stitch anymore. I'm just now able to even look at a computer's hoping it's all gone by tomorrow. I got some done on her though, but not nearly as much as I wanted to and it took me forever to do the little bit I finished:
All of these were pretty heavily confetti'ed, at least where I started, but the difference between Suteki and the other two was pretty distinct and I can already tell that, even though Suteki is going to stitch fast, I'm going to hate every minute of it. You guys probably can't tell the detail level, but Snow's compared to Suteki is like night and day which is why my brain can't wrap around why they changed their charting method in the first place.

Despite today's downturn of events, I have still thoroughly enjoying having two three-day weekends in a row. But for now, my head needs to rest.


Justine said...

Great starts on Snow White and Night Wish! Can't you ditch Suteki and stitch something else for your sister?

Heather said...

Lovely starts on all of them! I'm sorry you got a headache I get them too like twice a week and they kill me. I think they're tension headaches but they're usually one big pinpoint right above my eye. Advil is my best friend usually. If you're going to hate suteki you should change it out for something else. Or stitch on it for the new stitchy start SAL I just emailed you about :)

Emma Louise Brown said...

I hope your headache goes soon! You stitch so fast :) They're all looking good.

Linda said...

Congrats on the gorgeous finish Keiley. You made awesome progress on your new starts. I wish I could stitch that fast.


Tiffstitch said...

Congrats on starting all 3! Although I'm sorry you ended up with such a bad headache. I hope it stays away the next time you get one of these out.

Miamina said...

I'm sorry you're having such problems with headaches, I hope you settle back down to the 28ct very soon.

Well done on the beautiful finish :)

The difference in the charting is because both Michele and Bob do the charting and they use different methods :( Sadly it's very noticeable!

Happy New Year to you <3 <3

Vickie said...

What a great finish!!!! I understand about the fabric always a big change.

Bea said...

Changing fabric counts always takes some time to readjust. Do you HAVE to do Suteki since you hate it so much? Is there nothing else you can substitute? Great starts by the way, but I'm so sorry you ended up with headaches.