Thursday, January 7, 2016

Disneyland in Pictures - Day 6 Part 2

OK, I needed that breather after remembering what had happened in a short amount of time, but it was far from over. We never go to Tom Sawyer's Island at Disney World anymore, so I figured I needed to hit Disneyland's before we left. It's a bit different, but I was still excited:
Looking back at the crowds:
I absolutely LOVED the detail as we walked around, and we even started being a bit civil to each other again:
I wandered through the caves playing with all the interactive features:
After quite a while, it was time to go back to the "mainland" and fight the crowds and I REALLY wanted to ride on the Columbia by that point, another Disneyland exclusive and we managed to get to the front of the line somehow:
I could SO live on a boat!
Because it was the same waterway as the Mark Twain, I tried to take a different sort of picture from the opposite side of where we were on the riverboat:
The smushed train tracks were pretty cool:
But eventually that ride was over too and, for some weird reason, I decided I wanted to go to Golden Horseshoe. It was a long wait, but I was still determined to have a good time. I got a mint chocolate chip sundae and he got a root beer float:
and we got to see the show, something I've never done at WDW.
We wandered around a bit more after that, but the crowds made it impossible to ride anything:
And since it was getting close to our final dinner at Blue Bayou, we wormed our way to New Orleans Square where we were met with yet another, disorganized and long check-in line:
Where we had to wait a very long time for a table. But we did eventually get seated:
It was loud and crowded in the restaurant and more than one waiter dropped a tray, but I busied myself trying to online check-in for our flights. We got our bread which he didn't like because it was "hard". It was sourdough, it's supposed to be that way. Oh well, more for me and I don't even like bread.
I didn't care too much about picture-taking by that point. My appetizer:
And his:
We both had surf-n-turf. The lobster was tough and my steak was overcooked. I don't know how his was.
My dessert (which was bland and blaa, but the macaroon was good):
And his:
And again, I'm exhausted from remembering this day, so it's time to stop here.


Tiffstitch said...

Great photos of the Tom Sawyer area and glad that was enjoyable at least.

Vickie said...

I love all these photos! It makes me want to go! I may have to plan a trip all by myself.

Heather said...

I haven't been to the island in a long time. I may have to go soon. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself for the most part

Bea said...

Tom Sawyer Island and the Columbia both look great and sound like fun. Sounds like thumbs down on the food AGAIN, but your sundae looked yummy.