Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Disneyland in Pictures - Day 6 Part 1

By Day 6, tensions were high and we got yet another late start (not my fault), but I still had a set plan in mind for the day. I walked around the resort to get some final daylight pictures:
I wish I knew what my obsession is with Disney lights:
We were switching hotels that night, so this would be my last look around the Grand Cali and I remembered I forgot to take a picture of our room number, so I trekked back up to get it:
This was our final and very long day at Disneyland, and because we got such a late start, the lines were horrendous:
One final look at the pumpkins:
Despite the personal tensions, the crowds were already really bad, so I wasn't a happy camper:
I piddled a bit longer than I should have around the hub taking pictures:
We waited forever to ride the Storybook Canal Boats:
I wanted to do an in-depth picture-taking session at ToonTown, but the lines were too long to get anywhere. In the end, I had to settle for facades.
And for someone who was obsessed with getting the perfect shot, I wasn't doing a very good job of composition and lighting. We rode the train a final time (after waiting forever in silence) and Small World had been drained by that point:
The lines in Tomorrowland...we didn't even try:
Everytime we were in Disneyland, I had tried to ride Splash Mtn to no avail, so we tried again:
But, of course, the ride broke down. I was grumpy and hungry, so off to Rancho del Zocalo, the only place I was really excited to eat at. It took us forever to find our way in due to the long line for Big Thunder Mtn and then there was a long line for the restaurant (which wasn't helping the personal issues much). When in doubt, take pictures!
Once we were inside, another crowded cluster f**k. A very rude lady hit me (rather hard actually) with her tray, almost knocking me completely down. I turned, but she just sneered at me and walked away. Great. We got our food, paid, and headed outside to look for a seat. When we got settled and I went to take a picture of our food, I noticed that the bumping episode had shoved my camera into my beans and my lens was completely covered with them! If the company and the crowds wasn't bad enough, now I was REALLY pissed off. I managed to get my lens sort-of cleaned and got the food pics, mine first:
Then his:
I'm not sure what he got, but mine was the absolute best meal of the entire trip and I TOTALLY loved it! By that point, I had decided screw everything, I was going to have a good time on my final day no matter what, so off to one of my favorite shows, the Tiki Birds, we went:
We headed back to Splash Mtn to give it another go, which thankfully we were able to ride it, but it was way too fast and a LOT shorter than Disney World's. I barely managed a shot of one of my favorite scenes:
And the riverboat was way smaller too (and also hard to snap):
I was still trying to be positive though, so I got my favorite Disney ice cream, the Mickey Sandwich:
It was frozen solid when I got it and inedible, but luckily it was a pretty hot day, so I gave it a while. Once I was able to eat it, it was HORRIBLE! The ice cream was almost freezer burnt and was crumbly. I ate it anyway. I almost broke at this point, but I was still trying to hang on. Let's pick up here tomorrow...I need a breather myself just remembering this.


Heather said...

Sounds like a bad day! I ate there for the first time the other day it was pretty good lol at least you know where to eat if you come back ;)

Tiffstitch said...

Eesh... sounds like a snowball going downhill fast with the brief plateau while you ate, not counting the camera issue.

Bea said...

Sounds like a lousy day, except for the meal, which must have been a pleasant change. Again though you're giving us terrific visuals, even if you're not pleased with all of them.