Sunday, January 3, 2016

Disneyland in Pictures - Day 5 Part 2

We left off after the Pixar Play Parade. It was time to head to Carthay Circle for our World of Color Dining Package meal.
Part of me really expected Carthay Circle to be a lot like Brown Derby, but the inside told a different story:
Our table was upstairs, so we took the elevator up and we were sat almost underneath the Snow White mural:
I knew ahead of time that this was going to be a difficult meal for me because of the California cuisine heavy menu. Because there were only two appetizers and the salad had WAY too much fruit on it for me, I went with the red pumpkin curry soup. Thankfully, the curry was strong enough that I didn't taste the pumpkin and the soup was actually pretty good:
He went with the salad:
And they brought us some bread:
After a very long debate, I went with a chicken pasta and there was literally like an ice cream scoop full in the bowl. It took me all of three bites to eat the entire plate!
He got the pork chop (which is what I should have gotten) and his plate was huge. My plate would have fit in the space where his chop was:
Guess I should also explain that the pictures weren't great because the lighting in there was weird and it was EXTREMELY cold and I was shivering throughout the entire meal. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, but we still had dessert to go. We ordered different desserts, but they brought him the wrong one and he decided to keep it.
It was actually the best part of the meal, but I had had enough of the cold (and enough of the company), so it was time to wander around again. We went over to the Mad T Party, but the noise was hurting my head:
We tried to ride the Tower of Terror again, but the line was too long:
We took our usual cut through a Bug's Land:
To get to Cars Land which looks AH-MAZ-ING at night:
But it was time to head to Paradise Pier to figure out where to go to get in line for our World of Color spots:
We had to walk all the way around Paradise Pier to get to where we were supposed to be and then only after asking numerous CM's who had no clue. Seriously, that is the most screwed up system I have ever dealt with. In the end though, we made it in plenty of time, although our spots weren't that great because we were later than everyone else (although it was a good hour and a half before the show starts). Two words...cluster f**k. I wasted the time taking numerous pictures of the color-changing wheel:
And talking with this mother and daughter from Indiana or Iowa or somewhere and comparing Disneyland to Disney World. To be honest, I wasn't impressed with World of Color either, especially since the expensive dinner package didn't afford us any better viewing than anyone else who got there early.
The Frozen segment dragged on WAY too long:
But I do admit that I got butterflies during the Disney Park segment, especially during my kin folk on Splash:
And FINALLY seeing my singing busts from the Haunted Mansion:
Of course the ending brought a tear:
After that, everyone started the mass exodus out, but the water works continued on for another 10 minutes, so I don't think the show was technically over yet. We stayed because I wasn't ready to deal with the traffic yet.
Plus I could finally see the water's surface:
But eventually we had to brave it because we had fastpasses for Radiator Springs Racers, but even in the fastpass lane, we still had to wait quite a while, but it was fine because I busied myself taking pictures. Afterwards, since I was still really hungry, I decided to go to Flo's in Cars Land to get something to eat. I had really wanted to eat there the entire trip, but like dinner at Carthay, it left something to be desired.
The meat was horrible and don't get me started on the slaw, but I was hungry enough that I ate it anyway. He said his was pretty good, but it didn't look that way:
I tried to get another Red's Apple Freeze, but by then the machine was down for the night. Ugh. I took some last shots of Cars Land:
As well as a final look around the rest of the park:
And thus ends Day 5 and California Adventure! Up next, the best (and worst) day of the trip!


Tiffstitch said...

Great photos of the show and glad you enjoyed some significant parts of it. Btw, congrats on finishing Rainy Wedding too, I forgot to mention that on yesterday's post.

Heather said...

Great pics! The new show with Neil Patrick Harris is horrible. Although I love NPH the new one is terrible. They've had several complaints so we're hoping they change it back. Don't judge WOC on that one lol. The Christmas show was the same way with way too much Frozen. It was literally every song from the movie. So dumb lol. Cars land looks awesome. I have to agree we ate at Flo's a few days ago and it was not great. I had the same thing you did but switched out the slaw for the mashed potatoes. I haven't eaten at Carthay yet but plan to soon.

Vickie said...

Great Pictures!!! I want to go see all the things you have shown here!!! Maybe I will plan this trip for me and let Hubby stay in Vegas!!!

Bea said...

Again, loving your pictures, but boo, hiss that you can't find some decent food. That's disgraceful!