Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Stitching

Yet again, I had another horrible work week and it's starting to take its toll on me...I've had three headaches this past week, something I haven't had in months. All I seem to want to do is come home, play with the pup, eat and stitch, but like the previous weeks, that hasn't been an easy task, I'm lucky if I manage just one of those things per night. I did manage three stitching days during the week (although not good ones) but at least I was able to catch up this weekend. I left off here last Sunday:
I finished page 2 and got a chunk of page 3 done. Page 4 is just a column + 1, so it's more like just a continuation of page 3. I left off here tonight:
You might notice, a bit off-center to the bottom, are two wedding couple are starting to take shape! I didn't even notice it until I uploaded the pictures. Makes me kind of excited to get to the next row!

But, considering how the month is closing in on me, I don't think I'm going to be able to finish it before New Years, even with two three-day weekends coming up. Which really sucks, because I want to start three new projects come January 1.

Last year's HAED Christmas Contest Suteki - a project for my sister:
Christmas Contest Suteki Chart

HAED Snow White - now retired:

and HAED Night Wish
Night Wish (1)
All of these are a lot smaller than Maleficent or Alice and the B's, so they shouldn't take nearly as long. I debated having so many WIPs at one time, especially since the more I have, the longer each will take, but I'm not getting any younger and I've been drooling over these projects for so long, I don't think it can wait the year or two more that Mal & Alice and the B's is going to take. If there is one lesson I'm taking away from Rainy Wedding, it's that a smaller project finishes quicker and you get that amazing sense of accomplishment that only a completed piece gives. I don't think there is a better motivator than that.

The other projects I have in limbo, namely A Summer Ball and Disney's 35th Anniversary Celebration, are probably never going to be finished because I HATE working on them. I think HAEDs have spoiled me. I prefer the easy simplicity they offer without all the fractional stitches.

Just for fun, I randomly bought a Disney Gingerbread House kit last weekend and, although I intended on buying more stuff to spruce it up a bit, I decided to give it a go. I ended up not following the instructions at all and just tried to put my own spin on it. So don't judge me too harshly, this is the first gingerbread house I've ever made:
I was so proud of myself when I finished...gingerbread houses aren't nearly as easy as they look! Apparently though, my newest Disney diet isn't going so well because it didn't take me long to start nibbling on it and today it got demolished for easier consumption. Kind of makes me want to get another kit though with more stuff just to see where I take it next, but obviously my self control is a bit tenuous right now, so I better not push it.

I did finish watching the entire series of Bones for the second time and I made myself put it away for a while. I think that the worse life gets, the more my OCD comes out of the woodwork and I end up consumed with the weirdest stuff. So after clearing off queues and wandering through different DVDs I've managed to amass since I've been Bones obsessed, I decided to start watching the X-Files again before the new series starts in January. I like X-Files but not enough to get obsessed (I don't think). We'll see how it goes...before the week is out, I may be pulling out the Bones DVDs again.


Heather said...

Ooo it looks great I didn't notice the heads until you pointed them out! I was caught up in all of the pretty foliage :) I love your 3 new projects I hope they come out to play soon. Maybe you could switch out the 2 you hate working on every once in a while. Even if it's just like a block every page you finish on the ones you like. I'm trying to decide what I want to start watching in the new year. I'll probably have a new start as well I'm thinking Hocus Pocus since I have the fabric done. It'll just be a bit of it though as Paradise has to be my main project.

Tiffstitch said...

Nice progress! I'm glad the weekend helped you practically reach the end of the row, and yes, almost halfway is a great feeling. I love your 3 new projects and I think you could rotate them in. Like you mentioned before, you could always pull out Tartan if you wanted a sure finish in 2015. Rainy Wedding is getting there though.

Bea said...

Those are 3 great choices for new starts. Since they are all so different it will keep the stitching fresh and interesting.

Yay for the progress on Rainy!

Linda said...

Awesome progress Keiley. I love your hope to be new starts.


Justine said...

Great progress on Rainy Wedding! The colours look amazing. I didn't spot the happy couple's heads either I was so drawn to the bright colours in the trees.
I totally understand your thinking with the new starts and I think you should go for it.
You might consider just getting rid of the WIPs that you no longer want to stitch on. I did this earlier in the year with 3 or 4 of mine and don't regret it in the slightest. Life really is too short to stitch on things you don't like.
Hope work quietens down soon and you can get back to stitching "properly" again!

Vickie said...

I love all your new HAED projects! I never saw that Snow White one!! I am so jealous!! I think you should pull out either Summer Ball or your Disney one...see how many stitches you need to complete the projects (10 x 10 boxes) and then see if you stitch 1 or 2 grids a week....if it might be finished by the end of the year. Just thinking.....