Sunday, December 27, 2015

Disneyland in Pictures - Day 4 Part 2

I really didn't intend for these posts to be so long and so dragged out, but I do have 5600 pictures and barely any of them bad, so I guess I should have known!

We ended last time at Cozy Cone #3 (which became my favorite Disneyland snack place). After sitting there a while, we wandered back over to Pacific Wharf (I kept thinking surely it had to be something more than I was wasn't).
We did the bakery tour which was boring (and we didn't get free bread because they were out):
And Ghirardelli, which was bigger on the inside, wasn't as impressive as Disney World's:
What is it about Disney water ways that makes everyone want to throw coins in it?
By that point, I was bored to tears. I did manage a shot of both the Wharf area and the Pier in one frame, something I don't remember seeing when I was scouring the web through Disneyland pictures:
The pier itself had just been replaced, so it was all new and pretty (and smelled amazing):
We rode California Screamin' next, and I think it was probably one of my favorite rides (although Neil Patrick Harris's carnival voice was very creepy). I did manage a shot from the top.
Next, we wandered over to Mickey's Fun Wheel, but I had a lot of trouble here. I can ride anything anywhere, except ferris wheels. I HATE them! More people die on ferris wheels than any other ride and it's not that I'm scared to die, but why tempt fate...she already hates my guts! Eventually, I did agree to ride one of the stable cars, and hated every moment of it. I tried to focus on taking pictures to take my mind off of the creaks and moans it was making.
It was hard getting through the bars, but it really shows how exposed Disneyland is versus Disney World. We ended up back in Grizzly Peak at Smokejumpers Grill (which had just recently reopened after a rehab):
And got standard park fair...burgers:
I was shaking so bad from the ferris wheel, I ended up tumping my coke over onto my onion rings and had to eat them coke-soaked. Joy. We went back to Buena Vista Street (there was a lot of back and forth in DCA) and decided to watch Aladdin. I guess I was so in awe of the show, I forgot to take pictures and I only have a couple, including this one:
I think for DCA to replace this show with a Frozen one is a really was a great show. We wandered back to Cars Land to the Cones:
For another Red's Apple Freeze:
We had gotten a fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers, and it was finally time to get in line. I LOVE the queue!
It was moving so fast that it was hard to get pics on the inside, but I tried:
By that point, I was bored with DCA, so we headed back to Disneyland...think I'll have that for part 3, but that will have to wait until after stitch progress and Top 10 Tuesdays.


Vickie said...

Looks like fun!!!!!! I want to go!!!!

Heather said...

They would have given you more onion rings you know lol. How did you like racers? I love it. I agree with Aladdin I hate that frozen is taking over everything.

Bea said...

I'm so enjoying your pictures. Thanks for giving us the ride along.