Saturday, December 26, 2015

Disneyland In Pictures - Day 4 Part 1

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I stayed home and did nothing but stitch. All in all, it was a very nice day for me!

It's time to get back to Disneyland and our first foray into California Adventure. Since we were staying at the Grand Cali, it was really easy to come and go from the parks, although the process of getting through the gate was a had to show your room key, then your go through bag check, then your park ticket. For some reason, I never could get it straight and would always end up digging in my purse for something.
I'm not a fan of the rafting rides (you get WAY too wet and I HATE to get wet like that), but it offered some pretty vistas:
the Grizzy Peak area was practically empty which was nice after leaving the crowds of Disneyland:
It was also the same way on Buena Vista Street:
I was trying to get to Cars Land, but Radiator Springs Racers was out of commission, so instead we headed over to the Tower of Terror:
And this was the first major ride flop of the trip (I don't really consider Haunted Mansion a flop because I didn't experience the "real" Haunted Mansion"). TOT at DCA is NOTHING compared to Disney World's. Although there were similar elements and there were more props in the queue area, once you get past this scene:
The lack of forward motion and shorter drops were mediocre at best. I tried not to let it get to me though, as we headed through A Bug's Land where I immediately found the illusive four-leaf clover:
I felt kind of sorry for the CM's waiting outside of the Good Dinosaur preview area...nobody was going near it, probably because it was hard to see through all the foliage:
They probably would have been better off keeping It's Tough To Be A Bug...I'm not a fan of it, but still. I was pretty anxious to at least see Cars Land, so we tried once again to head that way. I did manage a good shot of Grizzy Peak:
Once we entered Cars Land:
I was like a kid in a candy store! I'm not really a fan of the movies (although I am a Mater fan), but this was, by far, the best Disney Land I've ever seen in my entire life! The level of detail was amazing! If I wasn't such a big chicken, I would have SO gone over and petted this little guy, he seemed so lonely!
Radiator Springs Racers is one of the prettiest rides I have ever seen and I suddenly had a new picture-taking obsession!
But apparently I wasn't the only one who liked to hang out there when the ride was down:
We wandered over to the Pacific Wharf area next, but other than vistas, I'm not really sure what purpose it serves:
Paradise Pier was pretty from afar, but again, didn't really "do it" for me:
We wandered around there for a bit, stopping at the Little Mermaid ride. It's the same as Disney World's except for the outside...again, I much prefer WDW's version. I decided I wanted to ride Soarin, so we took the long trek back to Grizzly Peak, snapping photos the entire time. I was glad to see Koda and Kenai even if I had to explain who they were:
The queue area for Soarin' was a whole different beast than WDW's:
But thankfully the ride was the same. We continued to wander aimlessly and I was just snapping away. The grapes at Wine Country Trattoria were in bad shape:
We ended up back at Cars Land (the theme of our entire DCA experience), and I decided to try another attempt at something similar to LaFou's Brew, Cozy Cone #3:
It was the closest I came the entire trip and I ended up back at #3 numerous times. I also got a garlic cheddar twist. I normally don't eat bread, but this was really good!
We also sat there for a while, and I spend quite a bit of time watching Mater interact with guests...sometimes I wish I wasn't such a chicken, I would have liked to "meet" him.
Guess I'll cut part 1 off here. Overall, DCA was a bit on the boring side, so I took way more pictures than I did in Disneyland. It might take a while to get through them all!


Heather said...

Yeah I'm not a fan of pacific wharf. I love radiator springs though my mom gets to see cars land for the first time tomorrow. I like our soarin better and I'm sad they're redoing it. Although the queue for mermaid isn't much here they really didn't have room to do much. I think they were seeing how the ride did here first before moving it out there. I love tot so much more here. I like the predictability of the drops because it makes me less nauseous but I also get more air time here. Plus my hubby showed me the dead guy under the stairs after exiting so I love that amount of detail. I haven't been able to go upstairs yet so I haven't heard the girl behind the wall but that's a cool detail too.

Vickie said...

I want to go to Cars land!!!!!! I hope to go someday!