Sunday, November 8, 2015

Stitching and stash

I did stitch this week, but it doesn't look like much progress because of all the confetti. I left off here:
And finished up here this afternoon:
Guess a heavily confetti'ed area wasn't the best place to get back into stitching, huh? I'll get through it, it just might take me a while.

As far as my stash goes, here's what it looks like on the weird metal shelf:
Made even weirder because it's in my bedroom:
I keep my thread in DMC numerical order in these boxes (with room to grow):
my scroll rods are in two separate locations from little:
to big:
My material (that isn't in with the big scroll rods) is kept in these boxes:
I keep my kits in these boxes:
and my patterns in binders with magazines holding them up:
Spare little supplies I keep in these drawers, but they aren't very effective. You also might notice the finished stitches just sitting there gathering dust...I haven't been on top of things lately:
And, of course, the front of a binder with the pattern on the inside:
I've got to find something better to store this stuff in/on. The metal shelf is just ugly and I don't have any room to grow. I've got five huge patterns to put in binders and no room to put them (plus, my OCD doesn't handle the crookedness of them at all). I don't have room for anything that won't fit in this tiny corner (the rest of the house is stuffed with Disney stuff). Plus, with a bedroom of white furniture, I'm also limited in color to any new furniture I put in there.

How do you guys store your stash? Do you have any suggestions (preferably cheap) that would suit? I found an interesting bookshelf/drawer thingee on the Big Lots website, and there is room on that wall to fit two of them:

It looks perfect but, there are issues. The drawers wouldn't be big enough to store the kits and I'm not sure it's deep enough to store the boxes and scroll rods (but would be great for the threads and the binders). I'm still looking for other solutions (mainly because I'm still not flush financially since my trip and need time to gather some spare funds), but I am leaning towards these. They would still be better than the metal shelf.


Linda said...

I think you made great progress this week Keiley. I don't see anything wrong with your stash storage.


Annie said...

I see lots of great progress, too!
I like the storage system you have, but if you don't like it and there's not enough room I like the new one you're looking at. I'd love to have something like that, too.

Justine said...

I think you made good progress this weekend! You always put me to shame.
I like the new cupboard better than the old but I would look for something with doors on - then you can close the door on it and it will look much neater.

Elaine said...

I keep my extra scroll rods in those plastic under-the-bed organizers that are for wrapping paper. Long enough for even the biggest ones, and I can slide it under the bed.

Emma/Itzy said...

Great stitching progress. I am quite fortunate in this house as there are a lot of cupboards and when we moved in I immediately claimed one for my craft things. However before that I just had a wardrobe and inside had a shelf for my binders, and I used clear plastic stackable boxes.

Heather said...

Lol I have those same shelves! We had them to store our extra pots and pans in our living room. I think they look fine but I love the new ones. You could always measure your tallest rod and see if it would fit on it. But the cubes are pretty deep. You could also repaint any furniture you did get but pops of color are nice too.

Tiffstitch said...

Definitely great progress on a confetti-full area. Your storage solution looks good. Can you fit those long, flat boxes under your bed? your extra scroll rods and fabric could go there if they won't fit in the shelves.

I have my stuff on shelves and a mesh filing drawer set for fabric.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I can see the progress despite the confetti!
How about a high rise bed with storage space underneath?
I have a large wooden trunk in the lounge and a cupboard in the utility room. Plus the corner of the sofa and now the kitchen table because I've been stitching in there recently. And the area behind the sofa. And the space in front of the wooden trunk. I really do need to get more organised!