Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Top 10 Halloween/Autumn-Themed Charts

The Suddenly Kate Show

It's that time, Top 10 Tuesday time! Make sure to check out Kate and Tiff's Blogs to see their take on this week's topic, they are WAY better at this than I am! I am horribly wordy and I'm not sure why. I don't speak much in my day to day, so that might be why, I've got a lot of built up words just dying to get out. But this time I did include pictures, so you can skip the long and boring reasons why these are on my list!

This week's topic is Top Halloween/Autumn-Themed Charts, and since my craftyness extends only to cross stitch, this is going to be a very cross stitch-centric list. I decided not to scour the internet looking for great charts...it's too close to Disney and I don't need to spend any extra money right now (those damned control issues!), but instead I've decided to only pick from my existing stash. It also feels kind of weird doing a stitch-themed list during a time when I'm not stitching, especially since my stitch mojo is really strong right now and I want to be stitching. I just can't stitch and plan Disney at the same time...my focus is singular at this time of year, but once I get back, all bets are off!

Oh, and FYI, I've had most of these photos so long that, if they aren't already watermarked, I have no clue where they came from, so forgive me if I'm violating any copyright issues, it is definitely unintended!

I've never stitched one of my own charts (yet), but when I initially bought cross stitch software, it was with these guys in mind. I've charted them numerous times using various software programs, but as of yet, I'm not completely satisfied with the patterns and I can't do it until they are perfect. Considering I'm planning on doing them as four separate projects and quite large, it may take me the rest of my life to actually finish them even if I do manage to get the design right. No matter the method, they are still my ultimate cross stitch goal and always at the forefront of my mind when it comes to both my stash and Halloween-themed charts.

As a diehard Marc Davis fan, I probably should be lusting after his versions (the Disneyland versions), but my love of the Disney World versions is far greater, so these are the ones I've chosen. Maybe one day I'll do both sets because they are quite different, or even do the Disney character versions, but my loyalty is to these first. Numerous sellers have these listed on Etsy, but they are typically as one picture instead of four individual charts as I plan to do them. Maybe I am crazy after all!

belle of bonaventure
I think it's obvious to anyone who follows me that I have a penchant to Jasmine Becket-Griffith's artwork in cross stitch form and since Heaven & Earth Designs has the rights to chart her work, then that's where I go to get them. Since they have changed their charting method, I haven't bought any JBG stuff from them (don't get me started again), but luckily this one was bought a long time ago and is dither-free. It is still available HERE and it comes in a Faces chart as well. Unless things change, this will be the next HAED-JBG chart I stitch after I finish the Bouguereau Princesses. I'm not sure I would technically categorize it as Halloween/Autumn themed but considering the cemetery in the background, it gives me an excuse to include it in this list. It actually reminds me of Phantom of the Opera, the scene in which Christine visits her father's grave, but I'm not sure if that's what JBG had in mind or not. Nonetheless, I absolutely adore this pattern.

I have numerous charts centered around the Headless Horseman (probably more than one of them will make this list), but this is my absolute favorite. probably because it's purple-centric and the Disney version. I bought this chart from Etsy, and I'm not sure if the seller is even still selling these (after the mass purge of copyrighted charts, especially Disney ones), but it's a really well made chart, so I'm looking forward to doing it one day.

Thine Is The Trick and the Treat
I bought the material and the thread for this chart eons ago, not long after I bought the chart, but I've never managed to get around to stitching it. I'm always fascinated when other people stitch it, but it hasn't been enough of a motivation to make me start it (yet). I think I'm avoiding it probably because it's on linen and I HATE stitching on linen. I guess that's what makes a great stash collection, so many charts, so little time. There are also variations of this pattern and I typically like to do sets, but this is the only one of these I have.

Again, another great JBG chart from HAED, this one indisputably Halloween themed. It is also still available and has a mini version as well. I've got the full version because I think her artwork lends itself better to full-sized designs especially because of the banding between the eyes, but that's just my preference. Again, unless plans change, this chart will be the JBG I do after Belle of Bonaventure. Unlike most people, Halloween isn't just a holiday for me, but a way of life. I don't put Halloween decorations out for a month a year, but if it's something I like, Halloween-themed or not, it will stay out year round. If I ever finish this chart, it will stay on the wall forever (that is if I can find enough wall space to hang it up in the first place).

Sleepy Hollow Mural
This was the first non-JBG HAED chart I ever bought. I've had it kitted up for a couple of years and I mean to start it every single finish, but I always seem to find another project I want to start more. This chart isn't available from HAED anymore, it was pulled within a month of being listed. I've learned the hard way to buy the things I like as quickly as possible thanks to Disney. I wish I had a dime for every time I was in Disney World, debated for too long over an item, and when I finally decide to get it, it's gone, even if I saw it in fifteen different stores. I've even walked out of a store, changed my mind and walked back in, only to find either they've pulled the item or there was a mass rush and it was all bought up and none were left. It's made me shopper-skittish much to my wallet's chagrin.

Bat Banner
This is another chart I've had forever. My issue with this one has always been that I've never been able to find the "right" material for it. It is also a linen project, so I haven't made a concerted effort to look hard for the fabric, but I do look upon occasion and I haven't been happy with my options. I've never been able to find the suggested fabric, it's probably not available anymore. If I do ever find the perfect color of orange though, you can be sure I will do this one.

Sleepy Hollow
Another chart I've had forever but my reason for not starting this one is completely different. I have all the supplies and I've bought fabric, both the suggested and others (because the suggested fabric looks nothing like the picture and I like the colors of the picture better...it's more blue/purple where the actual color is more green). The holdout on this one is purely because it's hard! I haven't figured out how to count correctly such huge gaps in linen and it's not like you can grid the material (or can you?). I bought this pattern because I love the design and I love seeing others stitching it, but alas, my stitching skills are just not up to par enough to do this project (yet). I'm holding out hope that someday I'll be worthy.

I'm putting these two together because honestly I couldn't choose between them. These aren't the only Annie Rodrigue charts I own, nor are they my favorite (that honor is reserved for Night Wish, which will hopefully be a next year's start), but I still adore these charts and both A Night Out and The Perfect Poison are still available on the HAED site. I will admit though, the monochromality of both of these (even the purple one) scare me quite a bit considering the size of these charts...that's a lot of one color! It's probably the reason why I haven't bought any other Annie Rodrigue patterns even though I really like a lot of her art. It has a dark yet light-hearted quality to it

Mini pumpkin pixie
Even though I prefer a full-sized JBG HAED, I do have some mini's (and I've even completed one). This is my favorite in my stash and it, as well as the full version, are both still available from HAED as of now. I just figured the mini might be a better stitch option considering the flatness of the background and the fact that there really isn't banding between the eyes like her other work. Guess I'll find out eventually how it stitches up!

Of course I have numerous other Halloween charts in my stash, but it is just a top 10 list after all. I also have some autumn-themed ones as well, but Halloween takes precedence for me. I'm curious to see Kate and Tiffany's take on this topic...I wonder if they stuck with cross stitch or branched out to other crafts. Let's all go see, shall we?


Kate N said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE #2! I did I mention I love it? Hehehe - awesome choices and I never even thought about other crafts! hehehe. I am loving Tiffs choices too and both of you have me lusting after some stash.

Emma Louise Brown said...

There are some nice choices in there. Could you not grid with something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Designs-Easy-Count-Guideline-100-Yard-Red/dp/B002WE1EWU

Tiffstitch said...

I love number 3 and number 8 especially, but great choices. I missed out on the massive Sleepy Hollow chart and I regret that, but chances are I never would have finished it anyway. Too bad #3 is likely long gone, that one is really cool!

Kate said...

those are all such fun!

Heather said...

Your number one is one I've been wanting to do as well. I'll probably buy it from Etsy one of these days and do like I did with Halloween Banners and separate them myself. My favorite JBG is Belle and for the same reason-she reminds me of Phantom. Great list as I love Halloween! I like the Marc Davis ones better too especially the tightrope girl.

Justine said...

What an interesting list! I was interested to see Thine is the Trick on there as it's very different to the stitching I normally associate with you.
Like Kate I LOVE #2 but my favourite is The Perfect Poison.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great post. I like a bit of wordiness, how else do we know what you are thinking and the depth of thought gone into each choice?

I have stitched Prairie Moon Trick and the Treat, I did one length of black thread every evening for several months. One way to avoid getting bored!

The HAED girls are gorgeous but I am intrigued by the "banding" between the eyes. It looks ok on the illustrations but often looks weird when I've seen people stitching the designs because of the colour contrast. What's the idea of it?

You can grid designs like Sleepy Hollow, using Sulky thread is often recommended because it's non divisible so you can't pierce it when you stitch. Just use a tacking stitch to mark the ten stitch lines.

Vickie said...

Love all your chart choices!!!! I have the Glendon Place Sleepy Hollow chart and have been wanting to stitch it too.. Not sure about linen fabric for me so I will probably switch it out to a joblyn (sp?) or a Lugana..I like those..