Friday, September 25, 2015

Duran Duran - #12 The Universe Alone

I am absolutely in love with Duran Duran's Paper Gods album. It's definitely not one of those that peeters out after the first couple of songs and, if anything, I'd say the album gets stronger and stronger as it goes on. The last song on the regular album (but on the deluxe version), The Universe Alone, is the perfect example of this. Again, this is a very Astronaut song, I'd probably venture to say it's a soft version of Last Day On Earth (which was actually on Pop Trash, but was one of the only good ones on that album and feels Astronauty to me imagine Last Day On Earth without Warren and on Astronaut and you've got it).

What I don't like, nay, readily admit I hate, is the melody breakdown at the end that just sounds like the CD is warped or something. It's such a great melody anyway, I'm not sure why it's there. This isn't a strong Nick heavy song, it's more orchestral driven (which again leads one back to Astronaut), so maybe it was Nick's attempt to do something one would notice? I'm anxious to hear some remixes on this one because it's just honestly more annoying that pleasing and I'm terrified at horrible it's going to sound with headphones on. Thankfully though, it's only at the ending and it's brief.

Oh, and since I mentioned it, here is Last Day On Earth.

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