Thursday, September 24, 2015

Duran Duran - #11 Only In Dreams

We're getting close to done reviewing Duran Duran's Paper Gods album, but I'm not quite there yet.

Only In My Dreams is once again classic Duran sounding, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear John's voice on the backing vocals (usually he's so auto-tuned down, you can't hear him or Simon's voice is looped so many times, he disappears). I love this song. Again, that "play that fuckin' bass John" chant starts in on beat one of this song and continues the entire time. I also could tell that Nile Rodgers had his hands on this one without even having to look it up (as well as Mark Ronson), but this song is 80% John Taylor and my secondary 14 year-old self that loved John too (just not as much as Simon), is a twittering a bit on this one as well!

When it comes to John-heavy songs and Nile Rodgers, you can pretty much count the entire Notorious album, but let's go with the title track for frame of reference:

But you could also arguably pick any song from Rio too for that heavy John bass line. Me personally, I think I'll go with a live version mix of Sound Of Thunder from the first Duran album and Hold Back The Rain from Rio:

You guys have NO IDEA how much I'm LOVING doing these reviews...not just because I can keep playing the new album over and over again, but because I can scour YouTube for Duran Duran videos! I really should be focusing on Disneyland, but my heart is currently filled with nothing but Duran Duran.

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