Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Duran Duran - #10 Butterfly Girl

I always write my iTunes reviews after I listen to the album for the very first time in its entirety. My opinion tends to be a bit truer then and time can't cloud my judgement, especially where Duran Duran is concerned. I have a bad habit of "learning to love" Duran songs I wouldn't necessarily care for if they were by some other band.

When I initially reviewed Paper Gods (see how I managed to get that link in there still?), the only two songs I dogged were Danceophobia (and I stand by that judgment) and this one, Butterfly Girl. I think it was initially because of the strong guitar riff that felt very Chili Peppery (obviously because John Frusciante is on this one too) and it just sounds like he's trying to channel Warren Cuccurullo (and we all know how I feel about Warren).

But the more I listen to it, I would probably move Change The Skyline to my #2 least favorite and move this one up higher on the list (although I'm not sure how high). I still don't like the heavy guitar, but I love hearing Anna Ross, who has been a backup singer for Duran Duran for quite a while now. She just has one of those voices that melds well with Simon's (like Lamya's did back during The Wedding Album years-she's the singer you hear on Come Undone) and I love the lyrics and melody here. So, forgive me iTunes, but I do actually like this song after all (minus the guitar, of course)!

When it comes to references, the entire Pop Trash song has too much weird guitar strands on it, but here is the one I was specifically thinking of when I heard Butterfly Girl, Mars Meets Venus:

It's a great song if you take bloody Warren away!

And, since I mentioned it, here's Come Undone:

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Justine said...

Ooh I love Come Undone! I am really enjoying reading your reviews. Very informative and you have a beautiful way with words.