Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Disney Movies - Day 80

I finished up the Disney Treasures: Disneyland discs last night. There were two specials on the second disc, first was called Magic Kingdom: The Magic of Television and the second was The Disneyland 10th Anniversary Special. As much as I love these old documentaries about Disneyland, especially with Walt at the forefront, my head was killing me, so I didn't try to watch anything else, just Imitrex'ed myself and went to bed.

This is probably going to be the shortest post ever, but there is a very valid reason which shall be revealed tonight.

Live Action: 97
Full-Length Animation: 110
Mixed-Medium: 11
Animated Shorts: 338
Live Action Shorts: 1
Mixed-Medium Shorts: 3
Animated Series: 84
Mixed-Medium Series: 2
Documentaries: 13
Concerts: 1

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