Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekly Stitching

Well, it took me most of the week to get my stitching mojo back, so there is not a lot to show for this week. I barely touched Cinderella Castle. It went from this:
To this for a total of 2.47 hrs (which is kind of deplorable for what little I got done):

I finally decided that the lack of mojo was because of Cinderella Castle and I needed to work on a project that motivates me (which means a HAED), so back to Alice and the B's it was HAED's just flow better than other projects for some reason. I left off here:
and finished here tonight:
I didn't quite get done with her face, but I did get close. If I have a good stitching week this upcoming week, then I should get done with Rapunzel and start back on Aurora. That's what is so great about this project, there is a princess in practically every page of this boring background stitching like Maleficent. I love seeing their faces appear with every stitch.

I really want to finish some of my WIPs before I start a new project, but I've got a couple of HAEDs that are really calling to me right now. I try to think logically about it because, the more WIPs I have, the longer it takes to finish a project, but there are so many great ones in my stash, I just can't help but want to stitch them all. When I first started reading stitch blogs, I was shocked by how many stitchers have a hoard of the time I was only doing one at a time, but now, I totally get it! If I'm having a bad day, stitching on a boring project is more painful than not stitching at all. Last week pretty much reiterated that and, once I switched projects, the week got better. That may mean that some of my WIPs might not ever get finished, but I'm starting to be OK with that. I've learned so much from other bloggers and I'm starting to feel like I could actually become a good stitcher one day, all thanks to you guys!


Annie said...

Life is too short to stitch something you don't love!
I think your work is beautiful, and you already are a great stitcher!

Heather said...

I thought the same thing! I still only have one wip but that's because of my deadline. Once it's done I already have a rotation planned for 3 or 4 projects.

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Definitely it's worth starting what you want. I'm the type that needs inspiration too, and challenges and rewards. I'm making myself finish 2 more WIPs before I start my new one. Alice look great and I'm glad stitching on it helped your week.

Kate said...

All progress is worthy of celebrating. And it's so important to stitch what you love. I get bored easily, so I need a lot of WIPs. You're a great stitcher, and you should do what makes you happy :-)

demeter83 said...

I can see the growth on Cinderella Castle, and love the Fates.
I have major startitus at the moment, started so many things and so many others that I want to start, so I'll just encourage you to start more!

Justine said...

It's a hobby, there are no rules except for the ones you set for yourself. I love seeing your updates no matter what you've been working on, and tour stitching is very neat and tidy!

Linda said...

They look great Keiley. I wish that I were half the stitcher that you are.