Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Stitching

I had a definite plan for the week when it came to stitching, but the events of last week put a kink in things, that's for sure. I had originally planned to finish the second row of Maleficent by Tuesday at the latest, start back on Sleeping Beauty Castle for the rest of the week and work on Rainy Wedding for the weekend. Well, I did eventually manage to finish Maleficent's row...I left off here:
And finally finished it Wednesday night for a total of 255.8 hrs:
Here's a close up of Maleficent in her partial self:

Instead of moving on to Sleeping Beauty Castle, my HAED mood was strong, so back to Alice and the Bouguereau Princesses I went. I left off at the row finish last time I posted about it:
But I had gotten a bit more progress on it before I put it away last month, so technically, this is where I left off before this weekend's stitching:
And I made it here for tonight's finish at 234.43 hrs:
Cinderella's crown is really weird! It's filled with Beaver Grays and Cocoa's, but it works from afar and that's what I love so much about HAED's, the surprises they bring. I just wish I had a good feeling about how Rapunzel and Aurora are looking.

Other than that, I CANNOT believe I got this far! I finished the first page of the row and am pretty darn close to finishing the second page only three full days of stitching! I don't know if it was because of my racing mind or what, but I guess it really doesn't matter in the long run. All I can say is that I surely don't want a repeat of last week just for the purpose of speed stitching in the future.

You might also notice my new needle minder is present, the one I lost the back magnet for within two minutes of use. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I've had a small super-strong magnet that has been attached to my file cabinet at work for longer than its been my filing cabinet. At least something good came out of work this week. Not only do I get the pleasure of looking at something purple all the time, but I can proudly proclaim that I do love my rescue pup (like there is any doubt).

Speaking of the little demon, I was going to give him a haircut, but the poor guy has been a nervous wreck all weekend and I didn't want to make it worse. We have endured days and especially nights of heathens shooting off fireworks all around us's even still going on right now, at almost 1 am on Monday morning. Considering it's illegal to shoot fireworks in the city limits, I don't get why we're even dealing with it. But alas, we are definitely a pair, that's for sure!

In other news...I took advantage of the HAED sale and picked up a couple of new stash items, I got the supersize to Impossibilium:
Supersized Impossibilium-000
And got Aimee Stewart's Supersized Heroes and Heroines:
Supersized Heroes And Heroines-000
I also got my first RAK's! Considering how the week went, it really was the most amazing gift and really made me feel good for the first time in days, even though, because I was offline for most of the weekend, I didn't even know it until late Saturday night. I've got a great friend who knows me well, that's for sure! I was so excited because it finished out all of Aimee Stewart's shelves that I wanted! Now I only have one pattern left on my wishlist from a different artist and I haven't jumped the gun on that one because I am hoping they make it supersize too. There are several people working on that pattern and, even though I love the picture, I'm not really impressed with the stitching screams to be supersized, so wait on my wishlist it must.

The first one I got gifted was Aimee Stewart's Supersized The Secret Garden:
Supersized The Secret Garden-000
And Aimee Stewart's Supersized Wine Shelf:
Supersized Wine Shelf-000
Once I ever get around to one of these supersized, I think I might try tent stitching with them...otherwise it would take many years to do one of these, they really are massive! Then I'll have the issue of where to even hang them. Guess, if I do go with tent stitching, I can always jump up to 32ct and make them just a bit smaller. I guess I also need to order more of the paper I use to print them on, get a couple of new binders, and I may also need to find another way to scroll them because I don't think they make scroll rods that big! I may have to try Q-Snaps, even through I much prefer scroll rods. So many decisions!

I have kept up with my Disney movie challenge and had varying themes every day for the long weekend, so it may take me a while to catch up, but I did need the few days of alone time I had. I'll get caught back up, I always do.

The thought of dealing with work tomorrow has me in knots...I'm not ready to go back to it yet and I'm afraid any progress I made in these three days will be lost rather quickly. All I can do is try to keep myself quarantined in my office, hope that the bad people leave me alone and that I don't work myself up into a massive headache. Guess I'd better go to bed else I risk being a sleepy grump on top of everything else.


Kate N said...

Wow! You made so much progress on the princesses! That's amazing. Although you have now set the bar and I wanna see this progress every time....hehehhehegehhehehe.

Emma Louise Brown said...

Excellent progress on both pieces! I wish I could stitch that fast :)

Heather said...

Wow you made great progress! I'm curious which pattern is still on your wish list. Mine has like 100 charts on it lol.

Kate said...

Beautiful progress and lovely new stash :-) I hope work goes well for you today.

Tama said...

I love your new patterns! So PRETTY! I'm tempted to try one of those supersized but it will totally be tent stitch if I do! Which is the other pattern you're hoping they supersize?
Your progress looks AWESOME! Congrats on getting so much done - I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of Maleficent's face :D

Linda said...

Awesome progress Keiley. I love your new charts. Sending happy thoughts for work this week.


Justine said...

Great progress Keebles. I must have missed the post about your difficulties at work last week. I hope it hasn't been too bad for you this week.
I really like your new charts and I agree you will definitely have to tent them!