Sunday, June 21, 2015


I haven't had time this past week to post my TUSAL pic, so I saved it for Stitch Sunday (which just also happened to be the International Hermit & Stitch Weekend). Since I have been doing my Disney Movie watching, I figured that this month's TUSAL should be shown in front of my favorite Disney Movie Club Reward Points collectible:
June15 tusal
I didn't think about it until I was posting the pic, but I should have opened the sculpture up because it's covered with all these neat carvings inside and out and you can arrange them however you see fit. I just arrange them that way so that they will take up less room. Space is not a luxury I have in my duck room.

You'll notice all that beaver gray fuss...yeah, that's all the stupid frogging I had to do on Sleeping Beauty Castle. I had the urge to work on it a bit this weekend too, but I managed to resist and stayed on my path.

Before I get to the IHSW stitching, guess I'd better cover the week first. I've been focusing solely on Maleficent for about two weeks now. I left her off here last Sunday:
And she made it to here Wednesday night:
I didn't stitch Thursday. I have this horrible monster of a bush/tree in front of my house that has to be trimmed constantly or it grows way out of control. It's a hyacinth and was supposed to bloom in 5 to 10 years. It's now in it's 13 year of life and I've yet to see one flower on it. I keep threatening to cut it completely down, but it blocks the front window and I still hope that someday it will bloom. For some reason, clipping the stupid thing makes my hands and arms shake for hours, so I just decided I didn't want to screw up any stitch work and laid off of it for the night.

Come Friday, I was SO ready to start the IHSW! I didn't know it until I loaded the pics tonight, but apparently I got photobombed on Friday's snapshot. I'm usually so absorbed on getting the stitch in focus, I typically don't notice what is going on around me (or around it either).
He's even sticking his tongue out at me, the little bugger! He's following in his late brother's footsteps apparently.
bam bomb
It made me think of Chocolate Mousse at Le Cellier Restaurant at Disney World's Epcot:
2013 (12)-2666

But anyway, I quit a bit early Saturday night because I was pooped! All this fill-in work is murder!
But I did get a close of up of Maleficent's half-face:
By the time I started filling in around her head, I was worried that the background color was going to end up too dark and mess it her up but, as per HAED usual, it's working out just fine:
Tonight's finish puts me at 220.97 hrs in. Right now, I'm really cookin', so I think I'll keep going at least until the row is finished. Once I finish the remainder of the fill-in on the far right side, it should start moving very quickly and I'll be able to add pages 10 and 13 to the finished pile (14 is already there since it's a quarter page).

I had a super-busy Disney Movie weekend and it quite literally went to the dogs, but we'll get to that tomorrow!


Kate N said...

All that background would send me potty! But as usual it looks amazing :)

Emma Louise Brown said...

You stitch so fast! It's coming along nicely :)

Heather said...

She's looking great!

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Keiley. Love the pic of your photo bomber.


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Awesome progress, and what a great pic! So fun to capture that moment in time.

Random Musings said...

Love the sculpture :)
Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

Kate said...

Terrific progress! She's a lot of work but will be worth it in the end.

Tama said...

She looks awesome! Really stands out well! Your pup is so sneaky and cute!!!

Vickie said...

She looks amazing!!! I love your little cute1

Miamina said...

Looking awesome! Well done :) I love cheeky little Bam sneaking into the picture too!