Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Disney Movies - Days 9 &10

This will definitely end up being much longer than a 30 day challenge if I keep going at this pace, I might finish in 30 months!

I'm still living in the Marvel-verse and most of those movies are really long, so I've only managed a couple or three a night. I left off with Captain America and Iron Man, so Monday night meant Iron Man 2 was next in line. Although Iron Man is probably my least favorite Avenger, his movies are more instrumental in setting up history for the actual Avenger storyline than any of the others. 2 is probably my least favorite of the series, but not because of storyline. It was probably more to do with the way that certain actors behaved during promotion (aka Mickey Roarke's dissing of the entire movie or the old Rhody, Terrance Howard's childlike behavior over not being in 2 or 3). I'm not a fan of either actor, but nothing brings down a movie more than when people drawing a paycheck from them bitch about them while they are still in the theater. Besides, Don Cheadle makes a much better Colonel Rhodes anyway, so no love lost there. But, on the positive side, as much as I hate Gwyneth Paltrow overall, I do really like the Tony/Pepper storyline because of their unconditional acceptance of one another, warts and all (so to speak). Leave it to me to find the brief moments of romance in an action movie!

Next comes Thor. This is where my artistic geek takes over because Thor is a beautiful movie. Like any great Disney animated classic, I will often find myself getting lost in the scenery of this movie. And, I gotta be honest, I have a MAJOR crush on Loki. I've been a Tom Hiddleston fan for years, but this is, quite possibly, his finest role!

Thor is also the first Marvel movie I bought in Blu-Ray and it's the first one with the Marvel One Shot on it (they aren't on the DVD's but I still plan to replace at least my Captain America with the Blu-Ray). For those that don't know, A Marvel One Shot is basically a live-action short that either sets up the next movie in the series, or gives a bit of insight into the followup lives of the lesser characters. But here is the trailer for Thor:

Despite the length of both of these movies, I actually had time to watch The Avenger's as well. This is my absolute favorite of the entire series (well, except for Avenger's: Age of Ultron, but that's not out on DVD yet) probably because Loki is the lead bad guy and probably because the scene where all the Avenger's are together in a circle actually brings me to tears for some reason. For all my princess-loving girly-ness, I completely fan-girl over the Avenger's.

I absolutely adore this clip:

And, of course, the mother of all scenes:

Tuesday night meant it was time to start stage 2, aka post Avenger's 1 and leading up to Avenger's 2. Iron Man 3 is the first in this series and while the action is far superior to 1 and the romance is amped up quite a bit from 2, I still prefer 1 to 3. But 3 is very instrumental in setting up Age of Ultron, so I let a lot of slack-time in the movie slide. The first time I saw it, the whole "Tony Stark narrates" annoyed me, but the clip at the end explained it well enough that it doesn't bother me now.

Next is the second Thor, Thor: The Dark World. Although it did lose a bit of it's beauty because it wasn't directed by Kenneth Branagh, it's still scenically amazing. I like that the romance between Thor and Jane was able to progress (and they were able to wipe that HORRIBLE kiss from the first one out of my mind...When Rhody makes the comment that Tony Stark and Pepper look like two seals fighting over a grape when they kiss, that is definitely what Thor and Jane look like in the first Thor). And, of course, there is plenty of Loki (and his wicked mind games) for us Loki fans to enjoy.

And again, my favorite scene:

I didn't have time to get through Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, so we'll save that and Guardians of the Galaxy (my least favorite of all) for Day 11. And again, we've got a new total category thanks to the One Shots.

Live Action - 12
Full-length Animation - 19
Mixed Medium - 2
Animated Shorts - 60
Live Action Shorts - 4


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Yay for more Avengers movies. And your post reminded me I still haven't seen Thor 2, although I did see Winter Soldier, so I'm out of order. I'll see if I can queue that up somewhere tonight. More Tom Hiddleston is always a good thing.

And thank you for posting that Hulk vs. Loki clip. Definitely the best scene in the movie.

Linda said...

My husband likes all of these movies, but they are not my thing.


Heather said...

Yay Avengers! I really need to buy these movies and have a marathon. Sadly I don't own any of them which is shocking for me since it's a rare series both my hubby and I like but we haven't bought movies in a few years.

Alyssa F said...

I too, am a complete Disney Princess nut and will go for the princess stuff every time. But I also find myself getting giggly fangirl over the Avengers, especially that scene with them all in the circle like you said.

Miamina said...

My Hubby is a total Superhero geek, he has been ever since he was a child reading the comics. His favourite is Spiderman, but was disappointed with the Toby McGuire movies. He does prefer the new ones with Andrew Garfield and was absolutely over the moon when Sony eventually backed down to allow Disney to have him in future movies!

I've watched previous Superhero movies with some interest, but the Avengers series particularly grabbed me. The use of music in Iron Man, the artistic flare of KB with Thor and Idris Elba......need I say more? I love Captain America too (particularly as parts of it were filmed in Manchester, just around the corner from where Hubby works!) as I love the 1940's feel to it, also Agent Carter was a fantastic tv series!

Ok....I've rambled far too much! Needless to say, I am a convert to this series of movies...