Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Disney Movies - Day 16

Moving on to a completely different world, I decided I wanted to watch the Tinker Bell movies, most of which I haven't seen yet. But I figured I needed to start with Peter Pan and Return To Never Land (which I have also never seen). I guess I didn't remember that the Tinker Bell movies are actually set in time before the Pan movies...oh well.

Funnily enough, after yesterday's rant and having prejudices on the brain, I found more offensive things in Peter Pan than in Song Of The South. Then again, I've never actually been a fan of Peter Pan, so that may have been why. I always though that Wendy was haughty, Peter was a brat, and Tinker Bell was just plain mean. If it wasn't for the amazing animation, especially the backgrounds (people really don't give enough credit to the beauty of animation backgrounds), I wouldn't ever bother watching it again. Well, that and I really love the Tic-Tock Croc and Hook. Yes, Hook is a villain, but come on...a child cut off Hook's hand because he thought it was funny, I'd be a villain too!

I always wondered why they chose to make Pan a villain and Hook a hero on Once Upon A Time, and now watching the movie after being a fan of the show and seeing these characters with different eyes, I get it now. There are times that Pan has those "crazy eyes" going and it's just plain creepy! As as matter of fact, the trailer I found shows this idea perfectly:

I admit that I never watched Return To Never Land simply because I didn't like Peter Pan. Surprisingly, I actually liked this movie better because the characters were softer (even Peter) and the story itself was more gripping (see what I mean about pre-conceived notions for something you have never seen?). It was obvious that the Peter/Jane relationship was more complex and possibly deeper than the Peter/Wendy relationship was. I found myself rooting for them to kiss when they were making googly eyes at each other. The only issue I had with the movie was that the animation itself was cold and flat. Compared to the original Eyvind Earle backgrounds on Peter, they were almost insulting. But it was a good movie to stitch to because I could enjoy the story without the annoyance of watching the crappy animation too closely.

Then I moved on to Tinker Bell, the movie. I have seen this before and the one thing I remember from that first viewing was what I took away from this second viewing...I like Tink better because of this movie. As a Disney icon for both parks and movies, yes, I've always loved her, but from the original movie standpoint, she was just so awful! She was jealous, spiteful, hateful and, like I said earlier, just plain mean...all over a boy that just uses her for his own ends. At least her relationship with Terrance is more on an even footing and although she still is jealous, spiteful, hateful, and just plain mean sometimes, it's not her overall dominant personality in these films (at least not so far). Plus, I have to say, I'm quite interested to find out if they ever explain how she lost her voice and what happened to all the other fairies.

There was also a mixed-medium short on the DVD with the fairies and humans. It more like a commercial (and initially I thought it was), but once it was over, I really did like it.

As an aside, when I first watched this movie, it was Vidia that drew my attention. Yes, she's all the things I accuse Tink of being in the original movie, probably more so, but there is still a vulnerable side to her. Vidia strikes out more from a place of hurt than actual meanness and there is a huge part of me that actually relates a lot to her, especially in my younger years. Yep, there is a lot of Vidia in teenage me and there are wisps of her still evident upon occasion (and, she wears purple, so there you go). Here's a great pic I found at Disney Wikia:

I managed to squeeze in one more before bedtime, Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure. Again, as the relationship between Tink and Terrance progresses, I'm really starting to enjoy her even more. Even though they are still just friends, Tink with a potential fairy boyfriend is far more interesting than Tink as the minion of Peter. It's that old princess-loving romantic in me that wants everyone to have a happy ending I guess.

There are still several other Tinker Bell movies in my collection, but I'm hoping to try to clear most of them out tonight. I'm really glad these movies came out, not just to change my opinion of her, but to show the correct spelling of her name! It has always driven me mad when I see her name spelled Tinkerbell or Tinkerbelle (and it still does). I have literally had temper tantrums over it in the past! I know, that's petty, but hey, I blame the Asperger's. You would probably be surprised at the things that can send me into conniptions!

This was definitely a lot shorter than yesterday's diatribe though, Tinker Bell grammar and all. And, thanks to the mixed-medium short on Tinker Bell, we now have a new category!

Live-Action: 16
Full-Length Animation: 23
Mixed-Medium: 4
Animated Shorts: 198
Live-Action Shorts: 4
Mixed-Medium Shorts: 1


Kate said...

I've never really liked the original Peter Pan either. My daughter watched Return to Neverland a lot as a kid, and, as a teen, she loves the Tinker Bell movies. I much prefer her character in the latter.

Tiffany Pincombe said...

I haven't seen any of the later ones, just the original, but now you've made me interested to give them a try. Thanks for the review!