Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I'm going to give the boys a haircut this weekend, but I thought I'd share a pic of them in their current hippie form pre-shaved:
Zach's cataracts aren't really that visible to the naked eye, so it's pretty surprising to see them in their "real" form...my poor old man! I bet he'll be excited to get all that fur off (even if I know he'll fight me the entire time). I think Bam can already tell that a haircut is coming, he's been awful sweet lately.


Kate said...

They're so cute :-) I hope they like their new 'dos.

Linda said...

They are so cute.


Kate N said...

I miss them! Bam is always sweet :) give them a hug from me x

Miamina said...

The are so cute! My Charlie is approaching hippie status too. I cheat and take him to the groomers rather than fight with him myself!