Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Disney Reviews Ride Edition #9: TTA/Peoplemover

Wedway Peoplemover:
to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority:
and half a dozen other names later:
the TTA, as it will always be known to me, is one of my favorite rides. No, it's not a roller coaster. There is no major theme. There is no character interactions (although there is a bit o'Stitch in the queue if you know where to look):
2013 (12)-3582
2013 (12)-3583
It's just a plain, simple, car ride along an elevated track throughout Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. You do ride through Space Mountain, the old Space Mountain Arcade, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger's Spin and around and through other rides as well. The entire track is covered, so it makes for a nice relaxing getaway, especially on hot or rainy days and it's long, so it's a nice respite when your feet are about to fall off (or you just need to escape the masses for a bit without leaving the park). We sit back, kick our feet up, and enjoy the ride!
oh the days when I used to wear did I ever manage? Flip flops are god's gift! Thanks to my Sister for suggesting it!
Walt's original EPCOT:
2013 (12)-3605
2013 (12)-3621
through Buzz Lightyear:
2013 (12)-3628
I am utterly facinated with the Little Green Men and I don't know why!
2013 (12)-3635
Amber going down backwards:
2013 (12)-3643
I have dozens of pictures from every single year of our trips, but they are all pretty much the same, so I didn't vary throughout the years too much. They recently repainted the queue area with this really weird red-orange color that completely clashed with the blue, but considering the weird paint jobs going on over at Epcot's Innoventions, I'm not surprised. Here's some examples:
The TTA is one of those rides that Disney newbies always scream about it being a useless waste of space and most Disney oldies don't waste their time with it. There are rumors that it's the best spot for guests to get "friendly" and that there are tons of security camera footage of such, but I honestly can't see it because you aren't in the dark enough and there are usually people either in cars around you or in passing trains beside you. There has been some serious injuries and even a death on it as well because people are stupid and think because it's a calming ride they can jump from car to car or jump out of the car completely. But luckily there are no bad ju-ju vibes like there are on Pirates, so it's still a good ride for those who are sensitive to such.

I can't imagine a trip without the TTA at least once (if not twice or even three times), PDA not required (or's the Magic Kingdom pervs! It would be like making out in church!). But I do have to admit, even though you are surrounded by others, you do have the sense of being alone and it's great for that much needed get away time! It's one of the best understated attractions in all of Disney World.

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