Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January TUSAL 2015

ORT jar picture time. My poor little stitchy fragments don't look like much in this first month, mainly because both big projects are using the exact same colors to start off with, all of which are dark and gloomy (about like me lately). I decided to background them with my favorite Disney "collectibles" (aka toys) throughout this TUSAL year and considering the week I've had, I knew exactly the collectible of talking interactive Stitch which can turn on you at just the slightest turn of a phrase, going from good Stitch to evil experiment 626.


And since I'm in a "mood" today (not helped by the usual chronic migraine)...meega nala kweesta to a certain co-worker who insists on getting on my bad side. Feeboogoo yuuga toobaga (think I could manage the entire day just speaking in Tantalog?) I knew watching all those episodes of Lilo and Stitch for years would be good for something! Tukibowaba!

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Vickie said...

I love stitch!!!!! Sorry you aren't feeling better.